Atlanta Airport Parking

Atlanta Airport Parking​

Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International airport is also known as “The busiest international gateway in Georgia.” The airport code is ATL and it serves over 100 million passengers per year.


Atlanta Airport Parking for Hartsfield Jackson

ATL airport is the primary international airport serving Atlanta, Georgia. The airport is located 8.9 miles south of the downtown Atlanta district, which can be reached by taking I-75 S for about 10-15 minutes. The busiest airport in the US is Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, with more than 2500 flights per day. This major hub not only serves as an international and domestic travel gateway for the southeastern region, but also ranks among world’s top airports. With over 67 million passengers annually.

Atlanta airport has two terminals:

  • Domestic Terminal – on the west side of the airport

  • International Terminal – on the east side of the airport

There are various options for Atlanta airport parking at the Domestic and International terminal. There are also few off-site options located near the airport.

It does not matter on which terminal you check in. You can make the security check on the Domestic Terminal and get to gates of the International Terminal via a tunnel with moving walkways or use the Plane Train.

Atlanta Airport Parking Rates

Considering that it does not matter where you make the security check, as mentioned above, you can choose Atlanta airport parking at domestic and international terminal equally.

At the Domestic Terminal there are the Hourly, Daily and Economy Lots either for the northern or southern part of the terminal. Hourly rates start from $3 and daily rates from $14 going up to $36.

At the International Terminal there is only Hourly Parking with a hourly rate from 3$ as well. The daily rate at this lot is $36.

ATL airport also provides Park-Ride options for both terminals as well as other options, which are not directly located at terminals. Daily rates start from $10.

Free parking is possible at the Cell Phone Lot in the southern part of the Domestic Terminal.

Atlanta Airport Long Term Parking

For the Domestic Terminal Atlanta airport long term parking options are available at almost every lot. Closely or directly located options like Hourly, Daily or Economy have daily rates of $36, $19 or $14.

Cheaper Atlanta airport parking is possible at the more distant Park-Ride lot for $10 a day.

At the International Terminal there is also the Hourly parking option with a daily rate of $36. There is no daily or economy option though. But there is also a Park-Ride option for $14 per day.

Other options like ATL West Deck come with a daily rate of $16 and ATL Select has three daily parking options: Uncovered for $10, Covered for $14 and Oversized for $28. Most economical ATL long term parking options start from $4.25 per day with Parkobility’s partners.

Parkobility Options
Atlanta airport long term parking with shuttlePer day
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Airport Options
HourlyPer day$36
DailyPer day
Long Term Parking EconomyPer day
Park Ride Lot CPer day
ATL West DeckPer day
ATL Select - Uncovered
Per day
ATL Select - Covered
Per day
ATL Select - Oversized
Per day
International HourlyPer day
International Park-RidePer day

Atlanta Airport Short Term Parking

At both the Domestic and International Terminal there is a short term parking option directly located. Atlanta calls these options “Hourly” parking, where travelers can park for $3 per hour.

For the Domestic Terminal there is a North and South Hourly lot. Behind those lots there are the Daily lots, which have the same hourly rate of $3 but come with a lower daily rate of $19.

As mentioned above there is free parking at a Cell Phone Lot in the south of the Domestic Terminal. It can be reached coming from the South Terminal Parkway.

Parking OptionsTimeRate
International and Domestic Terminal (North and South Lots)Per hour$3
3rd-6th HourPer hour$4
After 6 Hours/Daily MaximumPer day$36
Daily Lots (North and South)Per hour$3
Daily Lots (North and South)Per day$19
Economy Lots (North and South)Per hour$3
Economy Lots (North and South)Per day$14

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can I park for Atlanta Airport Long Term parking?

Parking is available across each terminal. Every hour is $3. For Atlanta airport long term parking more economical options can be found at the Daily or Economy Lot, Park-Ride, ATL West Deck or ATL select with daily rates between $10 and $36. Parkobility offers parking from $3.95 per day including shuttle service.

Can I reserve my parking in advance for Atlanta Airport?

Yes, you can reserve parking and it is recommended especially in travel season. With Parkobility it is possible to book weeks or months ahead of time. This can save a lot of money, because daily rates might go up during holidays or peak times.

Is Shuttle service offered with Atlanta Long Term Parking?

For the International Terminal Park-Ride option there is a shuttle service, which needs three minutes to the terminal. At the Domestic Terminal Economy Lots shuttle services have been suspended “temporarily suspended until further notice”. If you are looking for off-site parking with included shuttle services, use one of our partner’s services at Parkobility. Most of them have the shuttle included.

Where can I park for ATL airport official parking?

There are parking maps available at These include both domestic and international terminal directions. You can always check and book your Lot from different parking options at ATL. Also, you can download the map for directions.

How much is daily parking at ATL airport?

There are few options with different price ranges for daily parking at ATL airport. The Hourly lots for $36, Daily Lots for $19, Economy Lots for $14 and Park-Ride between $10-14. Parkobility partner hotels offer from $3.95 per day.

Where can I find discounted parking rates for Atlanta airport?

You can find discounted parking rates for Atlanta Airport by looking for off-site parking facilities near the airport. These facilities often offer lower rates than the on-site parking options at the airport. Parkobility offers a wide variety of options with discounted parking rates and you can compare and filer to your needs. You can also check for any special deals or packages on the Atlanta Airport’s official website or social media pages.

Are there any parking options for disabled travelers at Atlanta Airport?

Yes, there are parking options for disabled travelers at Atlanta Airport. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport offers designated parking spaces for disabled travelers in all of its parking facilities. The airport recommends to follow the signs and to find parking options as close as possible to terminals. The Airport Park-Ride facility is a great option for disabled passengers, as it offers a convenient service that takes them directly to the domestic terminal. The facility provides a free shuttle bus that is wheelchair accessible, which will pick up passengers at their vehicle and drop them off at curbside check-in.

Are there any electric vehicle charging stations in the parking lot at Atlanta Airport?

Yes, there are electric vehicle charging stations available in the parking lots at Atlanta Airport. In an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote sustainable transportation, 275 Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations have been installed throughout the Hartsfield-Jackson campus. These charging stations are located in several parking locations including: North and South Domestic Terminal Daily lots (ground floor), South Employee lot, International Terminal Hourly deck (Level 2), International Terminal Park-Ride lot, ATL Technical Support Campus, Maintenance Building No. 1, ATL West Parking Deck, ATL Park Ride Select (Sullivan Road)

Can you leave your car at an airport hotel?

Yes, a lot of airport hotels or hotels that are near ATL have this option. Our parking partner such as the Renaissance or Best Western are located directly at Atlanta airport.

Does Atlanta airport have free parking?

Free parking is possible at the Cell Phone Lot. It is located south of the Domestic Terminal and can be reached from South Terminal Parkway. This lot is designed for waiting and pickups only. Drivers are prohibited from leaving their car.