Newark Airport Parking

Newark Airport Parking

Newark Airport is located in the state of New Jersey, USA. It is 12 miles southwest of Lower Manhattan and second busiest after JFK airport.


Newark Airport Parking

Newark Liberty International Airport has the airport code EWR. With John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) and Laguardia Aiport (LGA) it is one of three airports serving the metropolitan area of New York City.

EWR airport is part of Newark as well as Elizabeth in the state of New Jersey. Although the airport is in another state, it is still not far from downtown New York City. By car you can reach it in 20 to 30 minutes from Lower Manhattan. 

There are three terminals:

  • Terminal A – only domestic and canadian destinations
  • Terminal B – mostly for foreign carriers or international flights by US airlines
  • Terminal C – exclusively for United Airlines’ global hub

Each terminal has its own short term parking lot named with the same letter of the terminal it is located at.

Thousands of travelers are looking for Newark airport parking options every day. Especially long term parking options provided by the airport quickly get scarce, which is why Parkobility provides other options with parking partners that provide affordable rates.

Newark Airport Parking Rates

Parking at short term parking lots is $5.25 for each half hour or fraction thereof up to 3 hours. After that it will be double the cost of each half hour until the 24-hour maximum of $65 is reached.

Long term parking at these terminal lots is also possible. The daily rate of $65 can be minimized to $44 when prebooked 24 hours in advance.

There are lower Newark airport parking rates at the Economy Long Term Parking (P6) lot for a daily rate of $29 (drive-up rate) and $21 (prebook rate).

Parkobility’s partners offer daily rates from $6.95 (without shuttle) and $12.95 incl. free shuttle service.

Newark Airport Long Term Parking

There are four options to find Newark airport long term parking:

  • Parking at terminals (Lot A, B or C)

    Advantage: highest convenience with direct access to terminals
    Disadvantage: highest daily rates with $65 or $44 when prebooked

  • Daily Parking (Garage P4)

    Advantage: lower daily rates for $40 as the drive-up rate and $29 when preebooked, there is AirTrain access.
    Disadvantage: it is located a few hundred feet west from Terminal C, so it takes a little bit more time with the AirTrain.

  • Economy Long Term Parking (P6)

    Advantage: lower daily rate of $29 (drive-up rate) and $21 (prebook rate). Free shuttle ride.
    Disadvantage: it takes more time to take the shuttle bus.

  • Facilities of Parkobility Partners

    Advantage: lowest daily rates from $6.95 (without shuttle) and $12.95 incl. free shuttle service.
    Disadvantage: More time is needed to get from the parking facility with shuttle or Taxi/Uber.

The AirTrain Newark is free for on-airport travel. Only when coming from Newark Liberty International Airport Station by public transport/railway it costs $8, which might be already included in the railway ticket, which brought you to the airport station.

For the Economy Long Term Parking lot P6 there are shuttle buses, because this lot is off-site and not connected to the AirTrain. The shuttles are free and go 24/7 every 10 minutes with stops at all terminals on Level 1. The stops can be found following the sign “Parking P6 Shuttle“.

When booking Parkobility partner facilities, please make sure to read all information, especially regarding shuttle hours. Partners like the Hilton Newark Airport hotel are trusted and reliable.

Parkobility OptionsTimeRate
Long Term Parking for Newark Airport (without shuttle)Per day$6.95
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Long Term Parking for Newark Airport (with free shuttle)Per day$8.95
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Airport options
Terminal Lot A, B or C - Prebook Rate

Per day$44
Daily Parking (Garage P4) - Drive-Up Rate
Per day$40
Daily Parking (Garage P4) - Prebook Rate
Per day$29
Economy Long Term Parking lot P6 (with airport shuttle) - Drive-Up Rate
Per day$29
Economy Long Term Parking lot P6 (with airport shuttle) - Prebook Rate Per day$21

Newark Airport Short Term Parking

There are three options, which you can use for short term parking.

  1. Parking directly at the terminals lots. Each half hour is $5.25 in the first 3 hours of your stay. After more than 3 hours the rate increases to $10.50 for each 30 minutes.

  2. Parking at the Daily Parking (Garage P4). Each half hour is $4.25 in the first 3 hours and after that, it is double. The rate is a little bit cheaper compared to terminal parking, but to get to the terminals the AirTrain has to be taken.

  3. If you are looking just for a pickup/drop-off, then the Cell Phone Lot is a good choice, because of free parking. It is located at next to the Daily Parking Garage P4 and has AirTrain access. Because it is not allowed to stop at terminals with your car, make sure that your guests, friends or family members come to the Cell Phone Lot via AirTrain, because it is also not allowed to leave your car unattended at this lot.

Parking OptionsTimeRate
Short Term Parking at Terminal Lot A, B or C
Each half hour
Each half hour after over three hours stay
24-hours maximum (drive-up)
24-hours maximum (prebook)
Daily Parking (Garage P4)
Each half hour
Each half hour after over three hours stay
24-hours maximum (drive-up)
24-hours maximum (prebook)

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

How much is Newark airport long term parking?

On-site parking rates start from $29 per day up to $65. With Parkobility Newark airport long term parking starts from $6.95 without shuttle and $12.95 incl. a shuttle service.

Should I park in short term or long term parking lots?

If you are planning to leave your car for a longer period i.e. 2-3 days, then long term parking is the best solution for you. If you are just dropping someone off or picking them up, then short term parking lots are the best option, because they are directly located at terminals.

Is it safe to park at Newark airport?

There have been some incidents reported with parking at the airport previously. But it highly depends on where you park your car exactly. Make sure to book with Parkobility’s most trusted partners like the Hilton Newark airport hotel or other trustworthy parking facilities.

How much does parking at Newark Airport cost?

Short term parking is charged with $5.25 for each half hour at terminal lots. EWR long term parking daily rates are available from $29 to $65. At Parkobility the Newark airport long term parking starts from $6.95 without shuttle and $12.95 including free shuttle service.

Is there a free shuttle service?

All shuttle buses by Newark airport, which connect the Economy lot P6 to terminals, are free. A lot of options provided by Parkobility with trusted partners like the Hilton Newark Airport hotel also come with included free shuttle service.

Is there free parking at Newark Airport?

Cell Phone Lots offer free parking at Newark Airport. They are less than 5 minutes away from the terminals. However, leaving your vehicle is not allowed as these parking lots are designed for pickups only. 

Does EWR provide economy parking?

Yes, there is one option with the name Economy Long Term Parking lot P6. Parking there requires passengers to take a shuttle bus to get to terminals. Other options with even lower daily rates and shuttle services can be found on Parkobility.

What is the cheapest parking option at EWR?

Cheapest daily rates for parking at EWR start from $21 when prebooked online for the Economy Lot P6. The cheapest parking daily rates are available off-site at Red Carpet Inn EWR starting at $6.95 per day and Motel 6 Newark Airport for $7.99 with shuttle.

Is there short term parking at Newark Airport?

Yes, short term parking is available at Newark Airport, starting at $5.25/30mins and $10.50/30mins after three hours of stay. The maximum time for short term parking is 24-hours for $65.00. It is recommended to prebook parking for longer stays.

How expensive is 6 day parking at EWR?

6 day parking at an economy lot is $174, prebooking will cost $126. Parkobility parking partners offer options starting from $85 for 6 days.