Charlotte Airport Parking

CLT Parking for Charlotte Airport

Charlotte Douglas International Airport is situated 6 miles west from downtown Charlotte. It has the airport code CLT. It was ranked the 32nd busiest nationwide airport in regard of passengers.


Charlotte Airport Parking

Charlotte is nicknamed as Queen city. It is a beautiful city with greenery, a thriving culture and friendly neighbours.

Charlotte Douglas International Airport is the busiest airport in North Carolina, and it’s located just a 10 minute drive from downtown Charlotte. You can get there by taking Wilkinson Blvd for 6 miles from your destination! The hub of activity at this facility comes with both commercial flights as well as military uses. In the city there is one more airport. 

There are 6 parking options from CLT airport and some off-site parking from which you can choose to park. We have provided a full comparison of the rates.  

CLT Parking Rates

The hourly deck offers free parking for the first hour. After then charges $4 per additional hour. If you stay longer than two days, there is a maximum price of $20/day that applies to your reservation. Which can be paid with a credit card at any time before or after arrival because this lot has an automated machine. The Hourly Deck is right next to the terminal.

Parkobility provides off-site long term parking with affordable rates. A free shuttle service is also included for the ease of travel back and forth to the airport terminal.

CLT Long Term Parking

Do you need to park at Charlotte Airport? Well, there are several options available. But wouldn’t it be easier if we knew which option was best for us beforehand so our trip can go smoothly? 

The Daily Lots are located on Josh Birmingham Parkway to the left of the passage terminal. The Business Valet Deck can be found at a corner near Wilkinson Boulevard. At Curbside valet, where you leave your car with valet while shopping or running errands. There’s also Long Term Lot 1 and 2 which are both close by Josh Birmingham Parkway near the passengers terminal. The price for each lot varies. 

Parkobility provides off-site parking with a 24/7 free shuttle service. We provide daily parking at the cheapest rates starting from $5/Day. Compare below the complete list for Long Term Parking.

Parking option
Parkobility Prices: Off-Site With ShuttlePer day
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Airport Prices: Off-Site Parking Business Valet Deck Per day$14
Airport Prices: Off-Site Parking Curbside ValetPer day
Airport Prices: Off-Site Parking Daily DecksPer day
Airport Prices: Off-Site Parking Long Term Lot 1Per day
Airport Prices: Off-Site Parking Long Term Lot 2Per day

CLT Short Term Parking

If your stay is short and you want to park near the terminal, the hourly parking lot would be the best option for you. The Lot is located north of the terminal entrance, which is within a walking distance. Level 1-3 is a deck for rental cars and from 4-7 levels Hourly spaces can be accessed. There are also EV charging stations available in the Hourly parking area.

The parking area has ample space but the policy of first-come, first-served makes it difficult to find a spot. If you wait until someone leaves their car before using one yourself or if your stay is longer then we recommend our offsite lot which will be cheaper!

Parking OptionTimeRate
Airport Prices: Hourly Deck First Hour
First Hour Free
Airport Prices: Hourly Deck Each Additional HourEach Additional Hour $4.00
Airport Prices: Hourly Deck Daily Maximum Rate
Per Day$20.00

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

The cost varies generally on the span of stay and which lot you are parked at. CLT airport parking will cost you somewhere between $7 to $35 per day, keeping the two variables in the factor. Now Parkobility provides an even more reasonable rate starting from $5 per day.

Yes. The parking at CLT airport is open 24/7 throughout the year.

When parked at the hourly lot at CLT airport the first hour is free of charge. Every additional 1 hour is charged $4. The maximum rate for a day is $20.

Yes. There is a Cell Phone Waiting lot which is free to use but one must remain always with their vehicles. The first hour of short term parking in the Hourly Lot is also free.

Charlotte Airport parking rates for long term parking are as follows – Business Valet Deck: $14/Day – Curbside Valet: $35/Day – Daily Decks: $10/Day – Long Term Lot 1: $7/Day – Long Term Lot 2: $7/Day – Parkobility Long Term Lot: $5/Day Parkobility provides even lower prices starting from $5/Day. Book your spot at