Milwaukee Airport Parking

MKE parking for Milwaukee Airport

General Mitchell International airport, also known as Milwaukee airport (MKE) is serving Milwaukee in Wisconsin.


Milwaukee Airport Parking

Located on the shore of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee is famous for its famous breweries and major league breweries. It makes one of the world’s best beers. Milwaukee is rich in historical and cultural attractions, making it the perfect holiday destination for weekend exploration. Get more information about Milwaukee as a city in our city guide.

Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport is a civil-military airport. It is located 8 miles south of downtown Milwaukee, in the state of Wisconsin, USA. The airport covers 2,180 acres and consists of 5 runways. MKE airport offers travelers lower fares and non-stop flight services to 50 cities. Mitchell International airport is also used by travelers to fly between Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

Milwaukee Airport parking provides travelers with low prices and great locations. The long term parking MKE at Milwaukee Airport is ideal if your stay is longer than 2-3 hours. Whether it is for the long term or short term, there are many MKE airport parking choices that will suit any traveler’s needs. Below you can find MKE airport parking options to use.


Milwaukee Airport Parking Rates

When it comes to airport parking Milwaukee, you really have some options. There’s parking on-site and parking off-site. However, parking on-site is a higher up-front price than parking off-site. Not only that, but parking off-site offers what many people like the convenience of location and lack of need for shuttles. MKE parking can be quite confusing. There are lots of choices to make when it comes to parking at MKE airport. Whether you’re parking on-site or parking off-site, there are different price ranges. 

You can choose between several parking options. Hourly and Daily Parking Garages are located through a walkway between the RED area and the airport terminal. Valet parking at MKE airport is only available by reservation and its parking area will be based on the flight information you provide. The Surface parking lot is located south and within walking distance of the airport terminal. Amtrak Station Parking of MKE airport is also off-site parking. Check out all rates below.


Milwaukee Airport Long Term Parking

Milwaukee Airport is supposed to be one of the best in the Midwest. With good transportation links with Milwaukee,  Milwaukee Airport long term parking provides various car park options at affordable prices. Long Term parking Milwaukee airport offers on-site and 2 off-site parking options. Hourly and daily parking consists of parking garages located through a walkway between the airport terminal. While the Super Saver parking lot is located on the air cargo way, Amtrak Station Parking is located at 6th street south of Grange Avenue, a few minutes drive from the airport terminals.

Although the long term parking MKE has many options, Parkobility provides off-site parking near Milwaukee airport. Our long-term parking includes 24 hours shuttle service for airport terminals. Also, the daily rates are the cheapest long term option starting from $4.87. 

Parking option
Parkobility prices: off-site with shuttlePer day$4.87
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Hourly Parking Garage (on-site)Per day$24.00
Parkobility Prices: Off-Site With Shuttle
Per day$14.00
Valet Parking (on-site)
Per day$25.00
Surface Parking Lot (off-site)
Per day$15.00
Amtrak Station Parking Lot (off-site)
Per day$8.00

Milwaukee Airport Short Term Parking

MKE airport parking provides 2 on-site and 2 off-site parking options for short term parking. The Hourly parking garage is the best choice if you need parking less than 5 hours or you are there to drop someone off at the terminal. Hourly parking is available on the 3rd and 4th floor of the RED area. If you want on-site parking for more than 5 hours or overnight, then the Daily parking garage is your option. Daily parking is available on all floors of the garage.

Surface parking lot and Amtrak Station Parking both are off-site parking for MKE Airport. These parking lots are located a few minutes away from the airport terminals. If you need to park your vehicle for a longer period at Milwaukee Airport, it is possible to avail long term parking MKE offered by these two options.

Parking OptionTimeRate
Hourly Parking Garage (on-site)Per day$2.00
Hourly Parking Garage (on-site)Per week$24.00
Daily Parking Garage (on-site)
Per day$2.00
Daily Parking Garage (on-site)
Per week$14.00
Surface Parking lot (off-site)
Per day$2.00
Surface Parking lot (off-site)
Per week$8.00
Amtrak Station Parking lot (off-site)
Per day$2.00
Amtrak Station Parking lot (off-site)
Per week$8.00

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport is 8 miles south of downtown Milwaukee, which is approximately a 10-minute drive.

MKE Airport has two on-site parking options, which are Daily Parking Garage and Hourly Parking Garage. There is also Valet parking available at Milwaukee airport but only on reservation.

Daily rates at Milwaukee airport parking are between $8 at off-site lots and $24 at the Hourly Garage. Our parking rates for MKE airport start from $4.87/day.

The answer is yes. You can park your car for a week at the airport since most of the airports provide long term parking.

Our off-site parking includes a free shuttle service for MKE airport long term parking, which runs 24/7 to and from the airport terminals.