San Antonio Airport Parking

SAT Parking - San Antonio Airport

San Antonio international airport is the largest in the city of San Antonio, Texas. It is located in Uptown Central which is about 8 miles north of Downtown, San Antonio.


San Antonio Airport Parking

San Antonio Airport is about 8 miles north of Downtown San Antonio. It just takes 10 minutes of car drive by US-281 N to reach the airport. If you are in Uptown, the airport is 6.3 miles away but you might experience some traffic. Still, you can easily reach it in 12 to 15 minutes approximately.

The airport code is SAT. There are 24 gates to the airport which serve 12 airlines. These flights travel to 53 destinations in the US and Mexico. The airport has served a little over 10 Million passengers in 2019.

There are many options to park at the airport because of the huge lots. Short term and long term options are available with extensive prices to look at. See below for the full set of prices.

San Antonio Airport Parking Rates

If you are looking for short term parking, you are in luck, because anyone can park on-site for free if they are staying for less than 15 minutes. Anytime longer than that will be charged. The first 15 minutes for $3 and then for every 30 minutes $2. The rate can go up to $29/Day. 

There are also long term options with shuttle service available for transportation back and forth to the terminals. Take a look at Parkobility rates and compare them with official options.

San Antonio Airport Long Term Parking

This option is best for you if you are planning to leave your car for several days. There are three lots where you can park your car: Long Term Lot, Economy Green and Red Lot. The economy Lots are further from the terminal than the long term parking lot.

Parking with Parkobility will cost you $3.95/Day. Also with the off-site parking, a 24/7 shuttle service is provided included in your booking.

Parkobility OptionsTimeRate
San Antonio Airport Long Term Parking with shuttlePer day$3.49
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Airport OptionsTimeRate
Economy (Green & Red Lot)Per day$10
Long Term GaragePer day$16
Short Term GaragePer day$29
Fly Away Valet6+ Hrs. / Overnight$33

San Antonio Airport Short Term Parking

The short term parking lot is situated on-site near Terminal A which is adjacent to Terminal B. There is ample space to park in this lot. It might be expensive but mostly it is guaranteed to have spaces free to use.

You can use any place for free up to 15 minutes. Any longer stay on the short term lot will be charged $2 for every 30 minutes. It is always advisable to plan your trip ahead.

Parking OptionsTimeRate
Short Term GarageFirst 15 minutes Free
16 - 30 minutes $3
31 minutes - 1 hour$5
every additional half hour$2
per day$29
Long Term GarageFirst 15 minutes Free
16 minutes - 1 hour$3
1 - 2 hours $5
2 - 3 hours $7
3 - 4 hours $9
per day$16
Economy Green & Red LotFirst 15 minutes Free
16 minutes - 1 hour$3
1 - 2 hours $5
2 - 3 hours $7
per day$10

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

How much is long term parking at SAT airport?

For long term parking the official rate varies between $10 to $29 per day depending on which lot your car is parked. Parkobility offers even low prices at $3.95/Day with free shuttle service.

Does San Antonio Airport have free parking?

Yes, you can park for 15 minutes for free irrespective of the type of parking lot or option you have chosen to park in.

Where can I find the cheapest San Antonio Airport Parking?

There are numerous off-site parking garages near the airport that are cheap. The cheapest long term parking will cost you $5.95 per day. Visit to book now.

Where do I park at San Antonio Airport?

You can park at any of the two on-site lots which are near the terminals. Then for long term options there are numerous off-site garages where abundant space is available. Nevertheless, it is always advisable to book your spot beforehand, so you save time.

Do San Antonio parking lots offer free shuttle services?

Yes, there are free shuttle services which are running almost 24/7 for both on-site and off-site San Antonio Airport parking lots. These shuttles are running after every 15-25 minutes, to and from the airport.