San Jose Airport Parking

SJC Parking for San Jose Airport

San Jose is the second busiest and the third largest airport in the Bay Area of San Francisco. It is about 4 miles northwest of Downtown San Jose.


San Jose Airport Parking

The location of the city, the booming of the high tech industry and being a large economic center, has earned the city San Jose a nickname “Capital of Silicon Valley”. Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport is the second busiest airport according to passengers boarding, after SFO. It is the smallest of three International airports in the Bay Area. San Jose airport code is SJC. The other two airports are:
  • San Francisco International Airport (SFO)
  • Oakland International Airport (OAK)
San Jose airport is located a 10 minutes drive from Downtown San Jose over the CA-87N. San Jose airport parking is possible with short and long term options right at the airport as well as off-site airport parking. These are the main SJC parking options:
  • Hourly Parking: Lot 2, Lot 3, Lot 5
  • Daily Parking: Lot 4
  • Economy Parking: Lot 1
  • Parking near San Jose airport with Parkobility: at airport hotels with shuttle service
When looking for SJC airport parking, especially during travel season, it might be necessary to prebook online, because parking facilities have limited capacity. Only the Economy option by the airport and Parkobility facilites can be prebooked. Find out more about San Jose airport parking and the rates by reading on.

SJC Parking Rates

San Jose Airport offers a variety of parking options for travelers, that are close or directly located at the two terminals.

There are three lots for Hourly parking and one lot for Daily parking. All these lots can be used for San Jose airport short term parking and have the same rate, which is 2$ per 20 minutes up to the daily maximum. 

Lot 2 (Terminal A) has a rate of $24 for SJC daily parking. Lot 3 (Terminal B) comes with $38 per day. Daily Parking at Lot 4 and Hourly Parking at Lot 5 have the same daily maximum of $30. 

Economy Parking is available at $18 per day. San Jose airport parking doubletree is available at a discounted rate for $8.95 via Parkobility and includes a free shuttle service.

San Jose Airport Long Term Parking

For travelers that need to find San Jose airport long term parking, there are options directly at terminals, which are most convenient, but have high daily rates. 

Parking at Hourly Lot 3 for Terminal B will be $38 per day. Lot 2 for Terminal A will be $24. SJC Long Term Parking at Lot 4 (Daily Lot) and 5 (Hourly Lot) is avaible with a flate rate of $30 per day. 

San Jose airport economy parking is possible at the Economy Lot 1 for $18 daily. Included are the shuttle buses, that run every 7 to 10 minutes 24 hours to Terminal A and B. All buses have wheelchair access. 

Parkobility offers San Jose airport long term parking with airport hotels or off-site facilities that are within a one mile radius of the airport and also have free shuttle service. Daily rates start from $6.95 without shutte and $7.99 with a shuttle included.

Parkobility OptionsTimeRate
San Jose Airport Long Term Parking​ without shuttlePer day$6.95
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With shuttlePer day$7.99
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Airport OptionsTimeRate
Hourly Lot 3 Per hour$38
Hourly Lot 2
Per hour$24
Hourly Lot 5Per hour$30
Daily Lot 4
Per day$30
Economy Lot 1Per day$18

San Jose Airport Short Term Parking

All short term rates are $2 per 20 minutes at Hourly and Daily Parking Lot 2, 3, 4 and 5. Only Economy Lot 1 doesn’t have San Jose airport short term parking. This lot only has a daly rate.

Those short term rates are only possible the first day. From the second day the daily rate will be charged.

There are two Cell Phone Waiting Areas, where parking is for free. These lots are designed for waiting before picking someone up at curbside. One SJC cell phone lot is located at the Airport Parkway, between Technology Drive and Highway 87. The other one can be found at the Airport Boulevard.

Airport OptionsTimeRate
Hourly Lot 2, 3, 5 and Daily Lot 4Every 20 minutes (First Day Only) $2

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I park my car at the airport for a week?

Yes, it is possible at all airport lots up to 30 days. San Jose airport economy parking is the most cheap sjc parking option at the airport for $18 per day. Parkobility partners like the DoubleTree are available from $8.95 per day and can be booked for long stays as well.

How much is daily parking at SJC?

The SJC daily parking rates depend on the chosen San Jose airport parking option. Hourly and Daily Lots are between $24 and $38 per day. The Economy Lot 1 is available for $18 daily. Parkobility partners start from $6.95 and are the best option for cheap San Jose airport parking.

What is the rate for long term parking at SJC Airport?

San Jose Airport Long Term Parking is available from $18 when choosing Economy Lot 1. Shuttle services are included and run regularly all day and night. Hourly and Daily Lots have daily rates between $24 and $38. Parking near San Jose airport within a one mile radius or less is possible from $6.95 without a shuttle and $7.99 including it.

How early do I need to arrive at SJC?

It is advised to arrive 2 hours before your scheduled departure for having enough time to check-in for your domestic flight. Travelers coming for international flights are advised to arrive 3 hours before the airport. Check out our parking options and take your first step for planning your trip with an easy booking process.

What time does security open at SJC?

SJC Airport Security opens between 3:45 AM and 4:00 AM. The security checkpoint of Terminal A opens first and then Terminal B. Only passengers with tickets are allowed to pass security. Once inside travelers can avail all retail options of Terminal A and B as they are connected.

Is it cheaper to book San Jose airport parking in advance?

Right now only parking at Economy Lot 1 can be reserved in advance, but there is no difference in the rate. Especially in travel season the SJC airport parking lots can be at full capacity, so prebooking makes sense. If there is no cheap SJC parking left, booking with airport hotels and other parking partners of Parkobility makes sense.

Where is the long term parking at San Jose airport?

San Jose airport long term parking is available at all types of lots, such as: Hourly, Daily and Economy Lot. Most affordable long SJC long term parking rates are avaible at Economy Lot 1 with the address 2300 Airport Blvd., San Jose, CA 95110. A shuttle bus has to be taken to get to terminals.

How do I pay for parking at San Jose airport?

All drivers can pay with credit card or cash. At any parking lot entrance a ticket has to be taken and if drivers want to use a credit card, they can pay at any exit lane. For cash payment, the ticket has to paid at a Parking Pay Station, which is easy accessible after a return flight at Terminal A Baggage Claim, Terminal B South at the Outside Baggage Claim, Curbside or south of Rental Car Center. The payment machines accept $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills.

Does San Jose airport have a parking garage?

For both terminals there is a parking garage. Hourly Lot 2 ist the Terminal A Garage and Hourly Lot 3 is the Terminal B Garage. Economy Lot 1 has both covered and uncovered parking.

Are there electric vehicle charging stations at San Jose airport?

Yes, at Hourly Lot 2 and Hourly & Daily Lot 5 there are EV charging stations: ChargePoint CT 4000, dual chargers with standard SAE J1772 (IEC Type 1) connections. While the charging is free, regular parking fees apply.