SLC Airport Parking

Salt Lake City (SLC) - Airport Parking

Salt Lake City International Airport is about 5.9 miles west of Downtown Salt Lake City, in the state of Utah. It has the airport code SLC. The airport is used both for civil and military purposes.


SLC Airport Parking Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is known for its religious community known as the Church of Latter-Day Saints. Some sites can be found in the downtown area like Temple Square and the Mormon Temple.

Salt Lake airport is the largest International airport in Utah. It has almost 12 million passengers every year. Delta Air Lines uses the airport as Its hub. You can take the I-80 W from the airport and reach Downtown Salt Lake City in 10 minutes. It is located near Temple Square, where you can find many restaurants and Irish pubs. Perfect if you are looking to unwind after long flights or stressful days at work. 

There are five parking options at salt lake city international airport from which you can choose. The complete list for salt lake city airport parking is given below for you to compare.

SLC Airport Parking Rates

In addition to the two long term parking at SLC airport, there are three lots for short-term parking at SLC airport (Hourly, Premium and Economy). You can choose from a variety of rates depending on your needs. Whether it be an hour or day stay there is something for everyone

Parkobility provides off-site SLC airport parking spaces at cheap affordable prices. Parking your car and finding the right spot can be difficult sometimes. We have given a complete list for you to compare.

Long Term Parking SLC Airport

The SLC airport parking has two options for long term car park. Daily Parking, which is close to the terminal and Economy Lot can be found southwest of the terminal. For an extra $3/day per space reserved with them. But remember that if you want your car right when it’s needed this may not work out well since they are very busy during peak times!

If planning on traveling by air one might find themselves wondering. Like where their vehicle could go while waiting at baggage claim. Whether there will even still be room after getting offloaded from several flights bound for different destinations. 

Parkobility provides off-side salt lake city airport long term parking with no extra cost. 24/7 shuttle service for your convenience back and forth to the airport terminals. Complete list of the SLC airport parking rates are given below.

Parking optionTimeRate
Parkobility Prices: Off-Site With Shuttle
Per day$5.75
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Airport Prices: Daily Parking GaragePer day$35.00
Airport Prices: Daily Parking GaragePer week$245.00
Airport Prices: Long Term Economy ParkingPer day$10.00
Airport Prices: Long Term Economy ParkingPer week$70.00

Short Term Parking SLC Airport

There are both hourly/daily parking facilities near the terminal. These parking garages are southwest of the terminals. There are different levels of the parking lots designated for different purposes. The first level is Premium Reserved Parking and the other levels for daily and hourly parking.

135 parking spaces in the short term parking of the economy lot, are designed to be accessed by people with disabilities. This can be used for the rate of $10/Day. There are also 44 electric vehicle charging stations. 

As the parking is close to the terminal, it is best to park there, if you are picking up a friend or family member. If you stay longer, then it is suggested to look for off-site long term parking. The complete list of the SLC short term parking is below.

Parking OptionTimeRate
Airport Prices: Terminal Garage First 30 Minutes $2.00
Airport Prices: Terminal Garage Each 20 Minutes Additional $1.00
Airport Prices: Terminal Garage Per day $35.00
Airport Prices: Terminal Garage (Premium Reserved Parking)Per day $55.00
Airport Prices: Economy Parking (Red, Green and Yellow)First Hour $2.00
Airport Prices: Economy Parking (Red, Green and Yellow)Each Additional Hour $1.00
Airport Prices: Economy Parking (Red, Green and Yellow)Per day$10.00

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

There are two long term options for SLC airport parking: the Daily Parking in Terminal Garage and the Economy Parking Lot. They both are located southwest of the airport terminals.

The operational hours are 4:30 A.M to 8:00 P.M.

The facility of lockers or storage is not available for use at the airport. It is recommended to check with your airlines before about the different possibilities.

The Average time to clear the security at SLC airport is 9 minutes. It can also be as quick as 2-3 minutes.

Salt Lake City Airport long term parking offers two types of parking lots. These are Economy Parking Garage and Daily Parking Garage.

$10/Day is charged for Economy Lot and $35/Day is charged for Daily Lot. Check out Parkobility prices starting from $5.75/Day with free shuttle service and online booking by simply visiting