Pearson Airport Parking

Pearson Airport Parking (YYZ)

Toronto Pearson International Airport is also known as Pearson Airport and is an international airport serving Toronto Canada. It is also known by its code YYZ.


Pearson Airport Parking for YYZ Toronto Airport

Pearson airport is an international airport serving the Toronto Metropolitan area and its surrounding region. The airport is the largest and busiest airport in Canada. It is located 22.5 kilometers northwest of Downtown Toronto. Pearson Airport consists of 5 runways and two passenger terminals.

When it comes to Pearson airport parking, the airport provides multiple parking options for travelers at Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. There are also a few off-site parking lots located near terminals.

Pearson Airport Parking Rates

Pearson airport parking rates start from $5 to $6 for each 20 minutes at short term options in Daily and Express Park. Daily maximums are reached fast and it could make sense to choose economy options like Value Park Garage or Lot with daily rates starting from $25. Long term options directly at terminals have rates between $38 and $59 per day. 

These options come with a shuttle service provided by Pearson airport. For cheap Pearson airport parking there is also the option to choose Parkobility partner. Rates at those facilities start from $10.95 and also include a shuttle service.

Pearson Airport Long Term Parking

For Travelers who are planning to park overnight or a long weekend trip, Pearson provides a lot of parking options:

  • Daily Park
  • Express Park
  • Value Park Garage
  • Value Park Lot
  • Preferred Park
  • Valet Care

Daily, Express and Preferred Park contain parking lots and garages, which are connected to the terminals through a walkway. Daily rates for these lots are between $38 and $59. The other two options are Value Park Lot and Value Park Garage, located a 12 minute drive from the airport terminals with daily rates of $25/$30.

Valet Care is only available at Terminal 1. Curbside drop-off is possible, which makes this option very convenient. But the daily rate is $56 and a one-time valet fee must be paid on top. 

Parkobility provides off-site parking near Pearson airport. The long term parking options mostly include shuttle service for the transport directily to airport terminals. Daily rates start from $10.95.

Parkobility OptionsTimeRate
Pearson long term parking with shuttlePer day$10.95
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Airport OptionsTimeRate
Daily ParkPer day$38
Express Park

Per day$59
Value Park GaragePer day$30
Value Park LotPer day$25
Preferred ParkPer day$42
Valet Care (additional $20 one-time valet fee)Per day$56

Pearson Airport Short Term Parking

Toronto Pearson airport provides three options for short term parking. Daily, Express and Preferred Park options are located directly at Terminal 1 and 3, but Express Park is only available for Terminal 1. 

All other options don’t have short term rates and start with the daily minimum. Short term rates for the above mentioned three options are between $5 and $6.50 for each 20 minutes

There are also two Cell Phone Waiting Areas for those in need to wait for a pick-up. Cell Phone Waiting Area 2 also has electrical vehical charging stations. The lots can be found following the signs.

Parking OptionsTimeRate
Daily Park & Express Park - Time of entry: 12:00 pm – 07:59 pm0-20 minutes and each additional 20 minutes$6
Daily Park & Express Park - Time of entry: 08:00 pm – 11:59 am0-20 minutes and each additional 20 minutes$5
Preferred Park 20 minutes$6.50

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does it cost to park at Pearson Airport for a week?

Weekly parking at Pearson airport is available for $215 at the Daily Park Garage, which is located next to terminals. There are other options like Value Park Lot and Value Park Garage, which also have a weekly maximum, which will be cheaper than 7 times the daily rate. Parking there is available from $130 to $150 per week. Parkobility options for Pearson long term parking start from under $90 per week and also include shuttle service.

How long can I leave my car at Pearson Airport?

There is no maximum length defined by the airport. Even the terms and conditions state that there will be just a charge on top for the days that exceed the booking period. 

Is there a shuttle service available with Pearson Long Term Parking?

There is a free shuttle services for all Pearson long term parking options. But there is also the Terminal Link train, which connects both terminals to off-site options Viscount Station as well as Value Park Garage and Lot. Also, most Parkobility parking options come with free shuttle service.

Short Term parking for Pearson Airport is available at Express and Daily Park, where parking rates start from $5 for 20 minutes.

Where is the cheapest place to park at Pearson Airport?

The cheapest Pearson airport parking option is Value Park Lot for $25 per day. This lot is off-site and either the Terminal Link train or a shuttle bus can be taken to get to terminals. Cheaper options are available via parking partners of Parkobility. Daily rates start at $10.95.