SFO Parking

SFO Airport Parking

San Francisco Airport is situated 13 miles South of Downtown San Francisco, California. It is the biggest airport in the Bay Area and the second busiest in California.


SFO Parking for San Francisco Airport

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is the primary airport serving the San Francisco Bay Area, located just 13 miles south of Downtown San Francisco. By car this will not take more than 15 minutes.

In the Bay Area there are also two other big airports:

  • Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC)
  • Oakland International Airport (OAK)

SFO airport is the biggest one of those three airports and has four terminals in total:

  • Terminal 1-3 are mostly used for domestic flights
  • The “International Terminal” is the biggest terminal for international flights in North America

When it comes to SFO parking, there are several options for short and long term parking. Reserving parking a few days or weeks before flying out from San Francisco makes sense, because the most cheap and convenient options are still available.

SFO Parking Rates

If you want to park on-site right at terminals, the rate is $2 for every 15 minutes. This includes all lots available for short term parking. These are the Domestic as well as the International Garage.

For both garages there is also long term parking with a daily maximum of $36. Valet options are suspended temporarily. At the off-site Long Term Garage and Long Term Surface Lot rates are $18 per day.

Free parking is possible at the Cell Phone Waiting Lot, which is right next to the above mentioned long term options.

Most cheap options at off-site lots for long term parking with included shuttle service start from $8.75 per day.

SFO Long Term Parking

There are free major options for SFO long term parking.

1. Domestic Garage or International Garage for a daily rate of $36.

  • Advantage: they are right at the terminals. Domestic for Terminal 1-3 and International for the International Terminal
  • Disadvantage: it is a little bit expensive, if you want to stay more than a few days

2. Long-Term Parking in the Garage or Surface Lot for $25 per day

  • Advantage: those options are more economical
  • Disadvantage: you have to take AirTrain (Blue Line), which runs 24/7

3. Off-Site Long term parking with shuttle service from $8.75 per day

  • Advantage: most cheap option
  • Disadvantage: you have to include more time to get from the lot to terminals with the shuttle
Parkobility OptionsTimeRate
SFO Long Term Parking including shuttlePer day$8.75
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Airport OptionsTimeRate
Domestic Garage
Per day$36
International Garage
Per day$36
Long-Term Parking (Garage)Per day$25
Long-Term Parking (Surface Lot)Per day$25
Valet Parkingtemporarily closed

SFO Short Term Parking

For domestic flights there are terminals 1-3 and parking for those terminals is most convenient in the Domestic Garage. Parking there is $2 per 15 minutes

The same applies for the International Terminal. There are two lots which are called International Garage A or G. 

If you are wanting to park at SFO for picking someone up, the free option at the Cell Phone Waiting Lot might be the best solution.

Parking OptionsTimeRate
Domestic Garage Per 15 min$2
International Lot
Per 15 min$2
Long-Term Parking (AirTrain Blue Line)
Per 15 min$2

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

Where is short term SFO parking at the airport?

Short term parking options are available just opposite of all SFO airport terminals. Parking at these Garages is charged $2 for every 15 minutes.

Does San Francisco airport offer free parking?

Yes, SFO does offer free parking if you are coming to pick somebody up. You can do this at the Cell Phone Waiting Lot. Drivers need to remain in their vehicles.

What are the rates for SFO airport long term parking?

The official parking rates for long term SFO parking are: $36 per day at Domestic and International Garage right at terminals or $25 per day for Long Term Garage or Long Term Surface Lot. With long term options you have to take the AirTrain Blue Line. Parkobility provides even lower rates from $8.75 with a free shuttle service.

Are shuttles offered for San Francisco Airport long term parking?

There is no shuttle, but an AirTrain making a round trip from the airports long term options to terminals. It is the Blue Line who does this. The Red Line connects all terminals and garages as well as the BART Station and Grand Hyatt at SFO.

Can SFO airport parking be reserved?

Yes, there is the option to reserve parking at the official website of SFO airport. Parkobility offers cheap parking options for SFO, which can be reserved ahead of time with the possibility of free cancelations with full refunds.

How do I pay for parking at SFO?

There are a few options for payment: Prebooking online, credit card and cash payment. For prebooking travelers can use the airport’s website or Parkobility to find their preferred parking option. With the Credit Card In and Out option a credit card can be used at entry and exit of the parking spot. The same credit card has to be used while entering and exiting. There also is a ticket system, whereby a ticket will be taken at entry and the payment is due at the exit. There are exits for credit cards or cash payment. For frequent travelers that use Domestic and International garages there is a Fastrack Lane. To use it, a FastTrack account must be created, which is backed up with a credit card. Signing up for this is possible at the SFO airport website.

Where do you park for international arrivals at SFO?

For international arrivals there are two garages named Garage A & G. They are located directly at the International Terminal. Drivers waiting to pick someone up, should find out if the arrival is at the A or G gate area and choose one of the two garages accordingly.

How much is economy parking at SFO?

Most economic SFO parking is avalaible at the Long Term Parking Lot or Garage, which have a daily rate starting from $25. There is no shuttle service, but the AirTrain can be taken. Airport hotels can be also booked via Parkobility with rates starting from $8.75 per day. These options are the best solution for cheap parking near SFO.

Where can I drop someone off at SFO?

For drivers that want to drop off their passengers, there is a Kiss & Fly area, which can be found via North McDonnell Road at the Rental Car Center. This area was designed to avoid congestion at terminal curbside. Departing passengers can take the AirTrain (Blue Line), which runs 24/7 and gets to all terminals in a few minutes.

Are there any options for handicap or disabled parking at SFO airport?

Yes, there are options for handicap or disabled parking at the San Francisco International Airport (SFO). Convenient accessible parking is provided at all airport parking facilities for vehicles displaying a DP (Disabled Person) license plate, DV (Disabled Veteran) license plate, or a Disabled Parking placard. In the Domestic and International Garages, accessible parking spaces are located adjacent to the elevator lobbies, making it easy for those with mobility needs to access the airport. Long term parking also offers accessible parking spaces for standard and van accessible vehicles on each floor. Additionally, SFO’s AirTrain is wheelchair accessible, providing easy access to the airport’s terminals.