Calgary Airport Parking

Calgary Airport Parking (YYC)

Calgary airport, also known as YYC Calgary airport, is an international airport serving the city of Calgary in province Alberta, Canada.


Calgary Airport Parking

YYC airport is an international airport in the city of Calgary, province Alberta, Canada. The airport is located 17 kilometers northeast of downtown Calgary. YYC International is the busiest airport in Alberta and the fourth-busiest airport in Canada. Calgary airport provides non-stop international flights to an array of destinations in North and Central America, Europe and Asia. Calgary serves as the headquarters for WestJet and is a hub of Air Canada.

Calgary Airport Parking Rates

YYC airport provides its travelers with several parking options at the airport. Airport Parking options include Long Term, Short Term Parking lots (P1, P2) and Economy parking lots. The Airport also has an Overheight parking lot, which is designed to accommodate overheight vehicles. Hourly, daily, or weekly parking is also offered by this parking lot. See below for YYC Long Term, Short Term Parking rates.

Calgary Airport Long Term Parking

Calgary international airport provides four parking lots for long term parking. Long Term (Parkade 1) lot is closest to the domestic flight terminal. Long Term (Parkade 2) parking lot is near the international terminal. The Overheight parking lot is located adjacent to the P1 parkade entrance and is accessible to the terminal by a designated walkway. Economy lot is an off-site parking lot, which is located north of Airport road.

Parkobility provides off-site parking near Calgary International Airport. Our long term parking includes 24 hours shuttle service for airport terminals.

Parking option
Parkobility Prices: Off-Site Parking With Shuttle
Daily Rate$7.50
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Parkobility Prices: Off-Site Parking With ShuttleWeekly Rate$52
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Airport Prices: Long Term (P1, P2) lot, Overheight Parking lot: On-SiteDaily Rate$27.95
Airport Prices: Long Term (P1, P2) lot, Overheight Parking lot: On-Site
Weekly Rate$119.95
Airport Prices: Economy Lot: Off-SiteDaily Rate$14.95
Airport Prices: Economy Lot: Off-SiteWeekly Rate$64.95

Calgary Airport Short Term Parking

The airport provides three on-site and one off-site parking lot for short term parking. The short term parking lot (P1, P2) is located on the ground level of each parking structure at the airport. The Overheight parking lot is for overweight and overheight vehicles to park for hourly or overnight short term parking. The Economy parking lot is located north of the airport road.

Parking OptionTimeRate
Airport Prices: Short Term (P1, P2) Lot: On-Site
Per 30 minutes$5.00
Airport Prices: Short Term (P1, P2) Lot: On-Site
Daily Rate $54.95
Airport Prices: Overheight Parking Lot: On-SiteDaily Rate
Airport Prices: Economy Parking Lot: Off-Site
Daily Rate

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

Parking rates for YYC airport start from $5/30min at short term parking lots P1, P2. The daily rate starts from $27.95/day to $119.95/week at any parking lot. Our offsite parking rates for YYC start from $7.5/day, which is a lot cheaper than other airport parking rates.

Yes. There is a Cell Phone Lot that is a little laess than a mile away from the Terminal. You should always attend your car while parked in this lot. It is preferably used while you are waiting to pick someone up.

Calgary airport provides long term parking options for travelers who want to park for a longer trip. The weekly rates are the same for every parking lot at YYC, and it starts from $119.95/week. Our weekly rate for Calgary airport starts from $52.5

Yes. Visit now to book your parking lot for Calgary International Airport.

The main airport serving Buffalo is Buffalo InternatioaCalgary has one off-site parking lot which is called the Economy lot. It is located north side of the airport and is approximately at 7 min walking distance, but there is no shuttle service included with this parking option. Parkobility provides you free shuttle service that is available with our long term YYC parking. It runs 24/7 from the parking lot to the airport terminal.nal Airport. The secondary airport in the city is Niagara Falls Airport. It is also an international airport, but it handles comparatively fewer flights than BUF.