Grand Rapids Airport Parking

GRR Airport Parking

Gerald R. Ford International Airport is 13.9 miles southeast of downtown Grand Rapids, in the state of Michigan. It has the airport code GRR.


Grand Rapids Airport Parking - Gerald R. Ford International Airport

The commercial airport is in Cascade Township. The name Gerald R. Ford was changed in December 1999 after the 40th Vice President and 38th President. The airport is the second-largest commercial airport in Michigan. It is connected by I-196 E and I-96 to Downtown Grand Rapids, which you can reach in about 20 minutes.

When it comes to Grand Rapids Airport Parking, there are four different options:

  1. Garage Parking
  2. North Lot
  3. Economy Lot
  4. Parkobility Options

There used to be another lot called “East Lot”, which is permanently closed. In its place there will be the so called “consolidated rental car facility (CONRAC)”.

GRR Parking Rates

All three airport lots have the same hourly rate of $2. At Garage Parking there is also a half hour time unit with $1.

The GRR parking rates for long term are between $14 to $24 per day depending on the chosen option. 

Parkobility parking partner offer daily rates from $6.95 and also have a free shuttle service included. 

GRR Long Term Parking

At all airport lots there are GRR long term parking options. The closest option to terminal is Garage Parking and it has a daily rate of $24. The parking there is also covered unlike the other two options.

The North Lot is at a walking distance (5-10 minutes) to the terminal. Since there is no shuttle service for this lot, a walk leading through Garage Parking has to be taken. The daily rate at this lot is $17.

The Economy Lot is further away, but there is a shuttle service which travelers can use to reach the terminal. Service is running 24/7. The rate for this lot is $14 per day.

Parkobility offers parking spaces with shuttle service from $6.95 per day. Shuttle services are also included.

Parkobility Options
GRR long term parking with shuttlePer day$6.95
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Airport Options
Garage Parking

Per day$24
North Lot
Per day
Economy LotPer day$14

GRR Short Term Parking

Short term parking can be found on the first level of the covered Garage Parking. This is right next to the airport terminal building. If you are coming to pick up a friend, you might need to stay for a couple of hours. In this case this lot is the option for you. 

The rate is $2 for the first hour and $1 each additional 1/2 hour. At the North Lot and Economy Lot there are also short term rates, in case Garage Parking is at full capacity. The rate at these lots is also $2 per hour. 

For people who want to pick up someone from the airport, there is also a Cell Phone Lot, where parking is free. Vehicles must be attended at all times.

Parking OptionTimeRate
Garage Parking
First Hour
Each further ½ Hour
Per day$24

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

How early should I get to the Grand Rapids airport?

All travelers are advised to come at least two hours before their departure, for them to have time for check-in, security clearance and boarding.

How much does it cost to park at Gerald R Ford Airport?

There are two options: short and long term parking. For short term you are charged $2 for the first hour and every additional 30 minutes $1. In long term parking, there are different prices for each lot. You will be charged between $10 to $18 per day depending on which lot you park at. Parkobility options start from $6.95 per day with shuttle.

What is Grand Rapids airport code?

The airport code of Grand Rapids airport is GRR. The airport’s full name is Gerald R. Ford International Airport. The name changed in December 1999.

Is there free parking at GRR airport?

Yes, there is free parking at the Cell Phone Lot. This Lot is meant for pick-ups and offers limited parking capacity. Also, you can’t leave your car there, you must remain inside at all times. 

Are shuttles offered for Grand Rapids Airport Parking?

Shuttles are only available at the Economy Lot. The shuttle operates 24/7. At the Long-Term North Lot there is no shuttle service and the Long-Term East Lot is permanently closed. Parkobility options also include a free shuttle service.