Buffalo Airport Parking

Buffalo (BUF) - Airport Parking

Buffalo Niagara Airport is the third busiest airport in the state of New York. The airport is located in the city of Buffalo. It is 11 miles east of Downtown Buffalo.


Buffalo Airport Parking for Niagara International

Buffalo Airport is the busiest airport outside the New York Metropolitan area. It has an airport code of BUF. It is well connected to the highway. You can take the NY-33 E from Downtown Buffalo and reach the airport approximately in 20 minutes or maybe less. There is also another airport Niagara Falls International which is 20 miles apart, thus should not be confused with Buffalo Niagara Airport. 

Buffalo Niagara international airport has an extensive variety of parking options. Other than off-site and on-site, the airport also provides reserved parking sports for guaranteed parking. So plan your trip to save time. Read further below for a complete list.

Buffalo Airport Parking Rates

More and more people now are using airport parking. That can be on-site or off-site, depending on the need of every individual. Parking on-site can be expensive in many cases. When parking at the BUF lot, which is closer to the terminal, $4/Hour to $23/Day would be charged. 

This may seem expensive but many off-site parking lots charge substantially less prices. If you plan accordingly it may save you a lot of time and money. Read further for the on-site and off-site complete options available.

Buffalo Airport Long Term Parking

There are 3 options: Long term parking, Preferred Parking and Economy Lot. The long term lot is color-coded with orange, the preferred lot with green and the economy lot with blue. Both parking spaces can be reserved for long or overnight stays.

Parkobility provides long term parking spaces with 24 hours free shuttle service which is included in the price of the ticket. Planning before is always beneficial. After a few easy steps of booking, you can drive to your allocated spot and enjoy your trip ahead.

Daily rates of Parkobility start from $7.5/Day, which are already below the official rates.

Parking option
Parkobility Prices: Off-site With ShuttlePer day
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Airport Price : Long Term Parking Garage (Orange) (Temporary Closed)Hourly Rate (Up to 5 Hours)$1
Airport Price : Long Term Parking Garage (Orange) (Temporary Closed)Daily Rate (Charged after 5 Hours)$10
Airport Price : Long Term Parking Garage (Orange) (Temporary Closed)Weekly Rate$14
Airport Price : Preferred Parking Lot (Green)Hourly Rate (Up to 5 Hours)$1
Airport Price : Preferred Parking Lot (Green)Daily Rate (Charged after 5 Hours) $12
Airport Price : Preferred Parking Lot (Green)Weekly Rate
Airport Price : Economy Lot (Blue) (Temporary Closed)Hourly Rate (Up to 5 Hours)$1
Airport Price : Economy Lot (Blue) (Temporary Closed)Daily Rate (Charged after 5 Hours) $9
Airport Price : Economy Lot (Blue) (Temporary Closed)Weekly Rate

Buffalo Airport Short Term Parking

The Daily/Hourly Parking Garage is allocated with the color red. It is within walking distance from the terminal, thus is the best option for you, if you are picking someone up. It is well connected with stairs which lead directly to the departure level of the airport. No shuttle service is provided here as it is close to the terminal. However, there is one extra feature which is reserve parking.

Airport prices: Daily/Hourly Parking Garage (Red)
Parking Garage (Red)Per hour$4
Parking GarageDaily maximum$23
Parking Garage (Red) Reserved ParkingReservation Fees $3

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

BUF airport charges $4/Hour at the Daily/Hourly Garage. This rate can go up to a daily charge of $23. It can be found near the airport terminal with the color code red.

Yes. There is a Cell Phone Lot that is a little less than a mile away from the Terminal. You should always attend your car while parked in this lot. It is preferably used while you are waiting to pick someone up.

You can visit Parkobility.com to reserve your parking space today for just $7.50 per day.

The cheapest option is 6$ per day, book here now.

The main airport serving Buffalo is Buffalo International Airport. The secondary airport in the city is Niagara Falls Airport. It is also an international airport, but it handles comparatively fewer flights than BUF.