DCA Parking

Reagan Airport Parking (DCA)

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA), also known as Regan National Airport, provides domestic and international flight service for the Washington DC metropolitan and adjacent regions.


DCA Parking

Reagan National Airport (DCA) is a major commercial airport that is closest and easiest to get to from Washington D.C. Also Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) and Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI) serve the Washington area. Runways of DCA airport are directly at Potomac river and a drive to the White House is only 4 miles away. So it takes less than 10 minutes to get to the government district and downtown. For DCA Parking there are four different options:
  • Parking 1 for Terminal 1
  • Parking 2 for Terminal 2
  • Economy Parking
  • Long term parking with Parkobility
Parking 1 and 2 are directly located at the terminals and are the best option for short term parking. For long term parking there is Economy Parking as well as Parkobility options. For people being confused about the terminals names: a new terminal and gate numbering system was introduced in 2022.
  • Terminal 1 was formerly Terminal A
  • Terminal 2 was formerly Terminal B/C

DCA Parking Rates

The system for all DCA parking options and rates is very simple. For short term stays at the terminal lots Parking 1 and Parking 2 there is just one rate, which is $6 per hour

DCA Long term parking daily rates are $27 at terminal lots and $18 for the Economy lot. 

When it comes to long term parking, there is over options provided by Parkobility partners as well. Most cheap DCA parking starts from $8.50 per day and includes a shuttle service.

DCA Long Term Parking

There are three options for DCA long term parking:

  • Parking at terminals (Parking 1 and Parking 2)

    highest convenience with direct access to terminals

    highest rate with $27 per day

  • Economy Parking

    Advantage: lower daily rate of $18. There is a shuttle service included

    Disadvantage: it is located several hundred feet from terminal access points. More time must be included for using the shuttle.

  • Parkobility parking partners

    Advantage: lowest daily rates from $8.50 incl. free shuttle service.

    Disadvantage: A little bit more time is needed to get from the parking facility to terminals with shuttle.

To make sure to get a parking spot in the airport lots, a reservation must be made at least 12 hours before arrival. With Parkobility bookings can be made just before arrival time with most facilities.

Parkobility OptionsTimeRate
DCA Long Term Parking (incl. free shuttle)
Per day$8.50
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Airport OptionsTimeRate
Parking 1 and Parking 2 (terminal lots)Per day$27
Economy Parking (with shuttle service)
Per day$18

DCA Short Term Parking

Right in front of the two terminals (1 & 2) there are two parking options for short term parking called Parking 1 and Parking 2. The rate for both garages is $6 per hour. 

Both options are connected with pedestrian connectors with moving sidewalks to make sure travelers can get to terminals fast. 

For a drop-off/pickup there is a Cell Phone Lot, which is currently closed due to construction works. The possibility for Curbside drop-off and pick-up still remains at both terminals. 

There is also a new Express Drop Off for passengers who travel with Alaska, American, JetBlue and United. It can be found following the purple signs with “Express Passenger Drop Off” on them. 

IMPORTANT Update: at Parking 1 & Parking 2 there is free parking for the first 60 minutes due to the Cell Phone Lot being closed. After the new 60 minutes grace period, normal rates apply, meaning $12 from minute 61.

Parking OptionsTimeRate
Short Term Rates at Parking 1 and Parking 2 (terminal lots)Per hour$6
Per day$27

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

Where to park at Reagan airport?

DCA short term parking is available at Parking 1 and Parking 2 garages (terminal parking). The rate is $6 per hour. For long term parking there is Economy Parking for $18. Parkobility daily rates start from $8.50 and like the Economy option a shuttle is included.

Can I reserve parking in advance?

Yes, it is possible to reserve parking in advance as long as the booking is made at least 12 hours prior to arrival time.

When does the shuttle bus operate from the parking lot to Reagan airport terminal?

The airport shuttle buses run 24 hours a day every 10 minutes. They stop at all parking lots and terminals. With most Parkobility DCA Parking options shuttle services are also included.

Where do I park at Reagan National Airport?

Reagan airport parking is $27 per day at any airport terminal garage (Parking 1 & 2) and $18 daily at the Economy lot. Hourly parking is $6 per hour. Off-site options are the best solution, if you want to save money. Parkobility daily rates start from $8.50.

How much does it cost to leave your car at DCA airport?

Reagan airport parking daily rates start from $18 at Economy Parking. You can use off-site parking close to airport terminals for cheaper rates. Parkobility daily rates start from $8.50 per day.

Can I leave my car for a week?

Yes, you can. DCA airport provides long term parking at off-site Economy lots starting from $17 per day and $119 per week. Parkobility long term rates are $8.50 per day and $59.50 per week.

Is there free parking for DCA airport?

Yes, usually at the Cell Phone Lot there is 60 minutes free parking, but because this Lot is currently closed, there is a new 60 minutes grace period for parking at terminal garages Parking 1 & 2.

Does DCA have valet parking?

There is no valet service at DCA airport. On the official website of Reagan airport no such option exists and neither can it be found on-site. Hyatt Regency Crystal City airport hotel offers a valet parking service with free shuttle. It can be booked via Parkobility.

Is it cheaper to fly into Dulles or Reagan?

It can vary depending on the specific flight and airline you are looking at. Generally speaking, prices for flights into Dulles International Airport (IAD) and Reagan National Airport (DCA) are similar, as they are both major airports serving the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. However, it is always best to check the specific prices for your desired dates and routes to get an accurate comparison. Other factors to consider include the location of your destination, the time of your flight, and the amount of time you have before your connecting flight. In terms of airport parking, DCA parking will be a little bit more expensive than Dulles airport parking options.

How do I pick someone up from DCA?

There are several options for picking someone up from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA). 1. Terminal curb: You can wait at the terminal curb for your passenger to arrive and then pick them up there. Keep in mind that you are not allowed to leave your vehicle unattended, and you may be asked to move if you are blocking traffic. 2. Cell Phone Lot: There is a Cell Phone Lot, which is currently closed due to constructions. Therefore DCA airports free parking up to 60 minutes at Parking 1 and Parking 2. You can park there, wait for your passenger to call or text you when they are ready to be picked up, then drive to the terminal to meet them or get out of the car to meet them at departure and guide them to your car.