JFK Parking

JFK Airport Parking

JFK airport is situated 12 miles southeast of lower Manhattan and is the largest international airport in the New York City region with about 56 million travelers each year.


JFK Parking for John F. Kennedy Airport

John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) is one of three major airports for the New York City metropolitan area alongside Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) and Laguardia Aiport (LGA).

It is the busiest airport of the three and is the major entry point for international flights to the United States. JFK airport is located in the borough Queens in the so-called Jamaica neighborhood, which takes a 30-40 minutes drive by car when started from Midtown Manhattan.

There are six terminals at JFK airport: Terminal 1, 2, 4, 5, 7 and 8. (Terminal 3 and 6 got demolished)

JFK parking is possible with a lot of options for both on-site and off-site parking. When it comes to short term parking, there are enough possibilities right at the terminals.

The AirTrain JFK connects all terminals, parking facilities as well as NYC’s public transportation network at Jamaica and Howard Beach stations. The train is elevated and has two lines which are named after the before mentioned stations “Howard Beach” and “Jamaica”.

The AirTrain is free to use, but when starting from either of the two stations mentioned above a ticket of $8 has to be paid.

JFK Parking Rates

There are five major parking lots and garages directly at terminals:

  • Blue – in front of Terminal 4

  • Yellow – in front of Terminal 5

  • Orange – in front of Terminal 7

  • Red – in front of Terminal 8

  • Green (Temoporarily closed) – in front of Terminal 1 and 2

Rates for the first half hour at Blue and Yellow Parking are 6$ and $4 for Orange and Red Parking. The airport recommends using Red Parking for people, who want to access Terminal 1 or 2, because Green Parking is closed.

Daily rates for the above mentioned lots are between $60-70 or $36-42 when prebooked.

Long term parking at the Economy or Long Term Parking Lot 9 is $29 and 20$, if booked in advance (must be at least 24 hours).

  • Long Term Parking Lot 9

This lot is located too far for a walk, but the AirTrain can bring passengers to terminals in a short time.

There is no cash payment at the airport lots.

JFK Long Term Parking

For JFK long term parking there are four options:

  • Parking at terminal garages (Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red)

    highest convenience with direct access to terminals
    Disadvantage: highest daily rates between $60-70 or $36-42 when prebooked

  • Long Term Parking Lot 9

    lower daily rates for $29 as the drive-up rate and $20 when preebooked, there is AirTrain access. Disadvantage: it takes a little bit more time to take the AirTrain.

  • Federal Circle Station Lot (Prepaid Only)

    lower daily rate for $20 and there is AirTrain access.
    Disadvantage: it takes a little bit more time to take the AirTrain and this lot is prepaid only.

  • Facilities of Parkobility Partners

    lowest daily rates from $9.75. Some parking partners have free shuttles.
    Disadvantage: More time is needed to get from the facility with shuttle or Taxi/Uber.

Parkobility options
JFK Long Term Parking with free shuttlePer day$9,75
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Airport options
Blue and Yellow Garage - Drive-Up Rate
Per day$70
Blue and Yellow Garage - Prebook RatePer day$42
Orange Garage - Drive-Up RatePer day$65
Orange Garage - Prebook RatePer day$36
Red Garage - Drive-Up Rate
Per day$60
Red Garage - Prebook RatePer day$36
Economy Parking/Long Term Parking Lot 9 - Drive-Up Rate
Per day$29
Economy Parking/Long Term Parking Lot 9 - Prebook RatePer day$20
Federal Circle Station Lot (Prepaid Only)
First 24 hours
Federal Circle Station Lot (Prepaid Only)
Over 24 hours, each 12 hours

JFK Short Term Parking

Parking directly in front of the terminals is no problem. Choose Blue Parking for Terminal 4, Yellow for Terminal 5, Orange for Terminal 7 and Red for Terminal 8 and currently Terminal 1 and 2, because the Green Parking lot is closed currently. 

If the parking facility for the preferred terminal is at full capacity, we recommend parking in another lot and use the AirTrain.

In the first three hours of staying Blue and Yellow Parking cost $6 per half hour. It will be $12 per half hour after three hours up until the 24-hour maximum. Orange and Red Parking have a $4 rate for each 30 minutes in the first three hours, after that $8.

There is also free parking at two Cell Phone Lots:

  • First lot is reachable from the Van Wyck Expressway

  • Second lot is reachable from the JFK Expressway

For drop-offs/pick-ups there is also a Kiss & Fly area, which is free to access and a good way to avoid some traffic.

  • The Kiss & Fly can be found next to AirTrain JFK Lefferts Boulevard Station

After dropping someone off, the AirTain makes sure travelers get to their desired terminal.

Parking OptionsTimeRate
Blue and Yellow Garage
Half hour
Each additional half hour
Each additional half hour (over three hours stay)
24-hour maximum
Orange and Red Garage
Half hour
Each additional half hour
Each additional half hour (over three hours stay)
24-hour maximum (Orange Parking)
24-hour maximum (Red Parking)

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

How much is parking at JFK for a week?

This highly depends where you park your car. Parking a week at terminal lots will be $420-490 when driving up and $252-294 when prebooked without taxes and fees. At the Long Term Parking Lot 9 it will be either $203 for a drive-up and $140 as prepaid. With Parkobility’s partner facilities weekly cost starts from $68.25.

How much does parking at JFK cost?

You can choose between short and long term options. Parking for every 30 minutes (in the first 3 hours) is $4 or $6 depending on the lot you choose. Daily rates have a price of $29 up to $60-70 when driving up. Parkobility offers even cheaper daily rates for jfk long term parking from $9.75.

How early do you have to arrive at JFK?

Two Hours. Generally, it is suggested to arrive two hours earlier than your flight, so that you have enough time to go through check-in, luggage drop off, and security clearance. However, in high traffic situations during traveling season, we recommend counting in more time for getting to the airport and/or find parking etc.

Can you sleep in your car at the airport?

Yes. While you are waiting for your flight or picking a friend or family member whose flight has been delayed, then why not take a nap in your car.

Does airport parking get more expensive?

There are typically short term parking and long term parking options. Depending on the length of your stay you might want to check the different prices and avail the best option for you. Check out our rates and compare them in our lists we provided for you.

What is the cheapest parking option at JFK?

JFK airport provides prebooking long term parking for $20.00/day. Parkobility partners offer prebooked parking lots in the area starting from $11.95/day with free shuttle service. 

Do you have to prebook for parking at JFK?

Parking without reservation is possible but it will cost more than without prebooking. As an example, a prebooked long term lot will cost you $29, but if you choose to prebook the lot it will only cost you around $24. 

Does JFK airport offer free parking?

Cell Phone Lots offer free parking lots for drivers going to the airport for picking up someone. There are two at JFK airport. The first lot is reachable from Van Wyck Expressway and the second one from JFK Expressway.

Where is the JFK long term parking lot?

The JFK long term parking lot is Lot 9 at Lefferts Boulevard.