Dulles Airport Parking

IAD Parking Dulles Airport

Situated 26 miles west of Downtown Washington. Dulles is one of the three major international airports in the Washington/Baltimore metropolitan area.


Dulles Airport Parking

Washington Dulles International Airport has the airport code IAD. More than 24 million people fly via Dulles each year. From the airport to Washington downtown it takes a drive of 40 minutes.

Dulles is one of three airports serving the Washington area. There is also Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) and Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI).

IAD airport has a main terminal building as well as two midfield terminals. Concourses A and B are located in the northern terminal, that is closer to the main terminal building and Concourses C and D are located in the soutern terminal. For Dulles airport parking there are a lot of options:

  • Terminal Parking
  • Parking Garage 1 & 2
  • Economy Parking Lot
  • Valet Parking (closed)
  • Dulles Airport Long Term Parking with Parkobility

For short term parking Terminal and Garage Parking are the best options and Economy and Parkobility options for Dulles long term parking. Valet Parking remains closed until further notice.

Dulles Parking Rates

For Dulles airport parking there are hourly and daily rates. At Terminal Parking and Garages 1 & 2 the short term rates are $6 per hour. Both options only have a difference in the daily maximum, which is $27 for Terminal and $19 for Garage Parking. 

At Economy Parking there is only a daily rate. IAD Long Term Parking with this option will be $12 per day

Airport hotels, that offer parking near Dulles airport are bookable with daily rates starting from $6.25 via Parkobility. These options also include free shuttle service. 

Free parking near Dulles airport is possible via the Cell Phone Lot, allthough this lot is not really designed for parking, but rather for waiting before a pick up.

Dulles Long Term Parking

There are several options for travelers, that need to leave their vehicles at the airport for an extended period of time. The Economy Parking Lot is an affordable option for Dulles long term parking, with rates starting at $12 per day, but it is farther from the terminal building and requires a shuttle ride to reach the terminal.

Garage Parking is closer to the terminal and offers covered parking. The rate is $19 per day. Terminal Parking is the closest option to the terminal, but the daily rate is $27.

Tips for getting the best deal on Dulles long term parking include booking in advance online, signing up for a frequent parker program, and considering off-site parking options with shuttle service to the airport. 

Cheap parking near Dulles airport is possible with Parkobility parking partners. Daily rates start from $6.25 and include free shuttle service. These parking facilities are located within two miles distance from the main terminal.

Parkobility OptionsTimeRate
Dulles long term parking with free shuttlePer day$6.25
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Airport OptionsTimeRate
Terminal ParkingPer day$27
Parking Garage 1 & 2Per day$19
Economy ParkingPer day$12

Dulles Short Term Parking

At Dulles airport there are only a few options for short term parking. Both Terminal and Garage Parking have the same rate, which is $6 per hour. Terminal Parking is uncovered and the closest option. Garage Parking is covered, but there is a small walking distance.

At the Economy Parking Lot there are no hourly rates. It might be worth it to park there anyway, because the daily rate of $12 will be cheaper than staying 3 hours or more at Terminal or Garage Parking.

The Cell Phone Lot at Dulles International Airport is a great option for those waiting to pick up arriving passengers. However, vehicles must not be left unattended and no restroom facilities are provided. The Cell Phone Lot is located on Autopilot Drive, which can be accessed by staying in the right lane on the Dulles Access Highway or Dulles Toll Road and taking the Services exit. It’s free to use and has a maximum waiting time of one hour.

Parking OptionsTimeRate
Terminal Parking Per hour$6
Garage Parking 1 & 2 Per hour$6

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the rates for Dulles short term parking?

The hourly rate for Dulles short term parking is $6 at Terminal and Garage Parking 1 & 2. Both parking options only differ in the daily maximum, which is $27 for Terminal and $19 for Garage Parking. For drivers, that are waiting for their passengers to arrive, there is free parking at the Cell Phone Lot.

Are shuttles offered for Dulles Airport long term parking?

Yes, at the Economy Parking Lot there is a free shuttle service, that runs 24/7. Other options like airport hotels have free shuttle services as well and are an option for cheap parking near Dulles airport.

Can Dulles Airport parking be reserved?

Dulles airport parkig can be resevered either via the airports official website or via Parkobility for cheap parking near IAD. In any case, prebooking is most likely cheaper than driving up. Also there is the security of having a reserved parking spot, which might be necessary especially during travel season.

What are the rates for Dulles long term parking ?

Long term parking at the airport will cost $27 per day directly at the terminal. Garage Parking is possible with a daily rate of $19. Most economical airport option is the Economy Parking for $12 daily. Parkobility parking facilities offer Dulles long term parking from $6.25 per day.

Where is Dulles International Airport located?

Dulles International Airport (IAD) is located in the Washington D.C metropolitan area, specifically in the Fairfax County and Loudoun County of the state of Virginia, about 26 miles west of downtown Washington, D.C. The address is: 1 Saarinen Cir, Dulles, VA 20166, USA.

Can I leave my car at Dulles airport?

Yes, there a lot of different options to park your car at Dulles airport. For short stays there Terminal or Garage Parking with $6 per hour. For Dulles long term parking there is a Economy option starting from $12 per day. If you need to leave your car for the purpose of flying out for a while, a more economic option can be parking at airport hotels or off-site facilities with shuttle services. Parkobility partners have daily rates starting from $6.25.

Is there free parking at Dulles airport?

There is free parking at the Cell Phone Lot, which is an ideal place to wait for arriving passengers. Once the arriving passengers have collected their baggage and exited the Terminal, they should call you with the door number and level where they are waiting. It’s important to note that the arriving passengers must be outside at the curb and ready for pickup before approaching the Terminal.

Is there a place to sleep at Dulles airport?

There is a place to sleep at Dulles airport. Sleepbox has set up 16 rental pods that travelers can use for 30-minute increments. The pods are located in the A Concourse and can be found by taking the train to Concourse A and proceeding up the escalator, where you’ll see the Sleepbox location on your right. For drivers, that came a long way to flye out from Dulles, there is the option to sleep at an airport hotel for a night and park their car there. Most hotels have shuttle service, that will bring those who spend the night at the hotel to the terminal.

How much does Economy parking cost at Dulles airport?

Economy Parking at Dulles airport costs $12 per day. The shuttle bus service to and from the terminal is available 24/7 and can be accessed from the lot itself or from Curb 2F.

How do I pay for parking at Dulles airport?

At any exit lane credit and debit cards are accepted. Cash payment is only available at exit lanes which say “cash”.

Where can I find EV charging stations at Dulles airport?

If you’re looking for EV charging spaces for your electric vehicle at Dulles airport, Garage 1 is the place to go. It has twelve level 1 units that are capable of serving 12 vehicles. There are 2 spaces for level 1 charging and 10 spaces for level 1 (208/240V) and they are located in Level 1 and Level 3, row H, respectively.