Denver Airport Parking

Denver (DEN) - Airport Parking

Denver International Airport is the largest airport in North America and second-largest on earth. It’s situated 24 miles northeast of downtown Denver, Colorado. With around 40 million passengers every year.


Denver Airport Parking

The Denver International Airport is locally known as DIA but the official airport code is DEN. In terms of traffic volume, it is the fifth-largest US and ranks 20th around the world. Every year millions of passengers use the airport for domestic and international flights. Taking the I-70 E and Peña Blvd you can reach Downtown Denver in about 30 minutes (24.8 miles).

Where you can enjoy world-class cultural attractions, Rocky Mountains and also the unique city park system that only Denver has. Denver has a lot to offer, it has been ranked among the best places to visit in the United States. In our city guide, you can find more information about Denver.

DEN airport parking can be very expensive on your travel budget. There are some options at DEN airport from which you can choose to park safely. Options like long and short term parking with different pricing plans. Read on to get further information.


Denver Airport Parking Rates

At the airport, you can park in the economy lot and garages. There are some on-site parking lots that are close to terminal buildings. These will be more expensive but provide quick access if you need an early morning flight departure. Even when arriving late at night after your destination’s normal business hours.

The off-site option of Parkobility is for those who wish longer stays while still wanting something affordable when they travel abroad. On top, a free shuttle service is available for transport ease to the terminal.

Denver Airport Long Term Parking

Parking can be a pain, but it’s worth the effort to save yourself from spending too much money on your trip. Make sure you take into account all of these different options and choose wisely before going out!

The options available at the airport are: Economy Parking, Pikes Peak and Mt. Elbert Lots. The West Economy Parking Lot is near the West Garage, and the East Economy lot is near the East Garage. Mt. Elbert is on the south of the Jeppesen Terminal and Pikes Peak Lot is east of the Mt. Elbert Lot.

Nevertheless, Parkobility provides long term parking which comes with free shuttle service for your transport ease. For your comparison the list below illustrates all price options.

Parking option
Parkobility Prices: Off-site including shuttle
Per day$4.75
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Airport Price : Economy Lot (East and West)Per day$17
Airport Price : Economy Lot (East and West)From Third Day$15
Airport Price: Pikes Peak and Mt. Elbert Lot
Per day
Airport Price: Pikes Peak and Mt. Elbert Lot
Per week

Denver Airport Short Term Parking

At the airport you can park near the terminal by hourly and daily rate charges. The East and West Parking lots are close to the Jeppesen terminal. This would be a good choice if you are picking or dropping someone thus your stay is for 30 minutes perhaps. 

It may sound like a pain, but planning ahead will save you money. Parking lots are expensive so if your trip is longer than expected it might be wiser to find cheaper parking in one of our off-site lots. So plan ahead so it would be cost friendly to your wallet.

You can compare the rates.

Parking OptionTimeRate
Airport Price: Garage (East and West)
Per hour$5.00
Airport Price: Garage (East and West)
Per day$28.00
Airport Price: Economy (East and West)
Per hour$5.00
Airport Price: Economy (East and West)
Per day$17.00

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

To park at DEN Airport, you can choose from several options. These are the Main East and West Garages, Economy Parking, Shuttle Parking (Pikes Peak & Mt.Elbert), and Valet Parking. If you want to compare prices and avail top prices check Parkobility.

Yes, at the Denver International Airport the covered parking garages and short term lots are open 24/7.

The official parking rates for long term DEN airport parking are: – Economy Garage: $17/Day – Pikes Peak and Mt. Elbert Lot: $8/Day Parkobility provides even lower prices with free shuttle service from $6.49.

The Economy Lot is located just near the garage parking on the west side of the Jeppesen Terminal. It is close to the terminal and has low rates than other on-site lot.

The official abbreviation of Denver International Airport is DEN. It also has a code KDEN. DIA has been part of the brand identity from sometime before the airport was under development. It is more that the locals call it DIA and others DEN