O’Hare Parking

Chicago Airport Parking

Chicago O’Hare International Airport is the largest international airport in Chicago. It is situated on Northwest side of Chicago, Illinois. It is the third busiest in the country.


O'Hare Parking

O’Hare Airport is the of the two commercial airports in Chicago. It is the sixth-largest airport in the world in terms of passengers. It has the airport code ORD. By taking I-90 W by car you can reach Downtown Chicago in about 20 minutes. ORD Airport has four terminals:
  • Terminal 1, 2 and 3 are close to each other and are used for most flights.
  • Terminal 5 is the International Terminal, where non pre-cleared international flights arrive.
There are a lot of O’Hare parking options at each terminal for short and long term parking. In the northern part of the airport there are economy parking options, which get connected to terminals via the Airport Transit System (ATS), which is free to use. A modern Multi-Modal Facility (MMF) connects all different transportation possibilites like the ATS, shuttle buses, parking lots itself as well as car rental services. It can be accessed at this address. 10255 W. Zemke Blvd., Chicago, IL 60666.

O'Hare Parking Rates

All parking garages and lots offer short and long term parking options. For short stays at Terminal 1, 2 or 3 the Main Garage or Lot B and C are fine. For Terminal 5 there is Lot D. They all share the same rates, which is $3 for the first hour.

For longer stays it is recommended to use an Economy Lot, which is available from 15$ to 22$. The above mentioned Airport Transit System can take passengers to any terminal wanted in a short time.

Off-Site options via Parkobility start from $6.95 and come with free shuttle services as well.

O'Hare Long Term Parking

There are three major possibilites to park long term at ORD airport:

  1. Parking directly at the terminals: Daily rates for the Main Garage, Lot B + C and Lot D are between $42 and $77.

  2. Parking in a Economy Lot: The Airport Transit System will take you to and from all four terminals. Daily rates for Economy Lot G + H are $15, for Economty Lot F it is $22.

  3. Parking at off-Site facilities with Parkobility: Shuttle services are mostly included, if not an Uber still might be cheaper than paying high daily rates. Travelers should make sure to arrive with enough time in advance to catch their flights. Daily rates start from $6.95.

Parking Options
O'Hare Long Term Parking with shuttlePer day$6.95
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Airport OptionsTimeRate
Economy Parking Lot GPer day
Economy Parking Lot HPer day
Economy Parking Lot FPer day
Main Garage (Level 2-6) and Lot B + CPer day
Main Garage Hourly (Level 1) and Terminal 5 Lot DPer day
Valet - temporarily closed
Per day

O'Hare Short Term Parking

As mentioned above all ORD parking lots offer short term options. In the first 4 hours the rates are the same everywhere. The first hour is $3 and the second will be $6.

  • For Terminal 1, 2 and 3 there are the Main Garage (Lot A) and Lot B and C.

  • For Terminal 5 there is Lot D

For all four terminals passengers also can use Economy options, if lots are filled up. The hourly rates are the same in the first 4 hours. The ATS will connect from those lots in the northern side of the airport. There is also free parking at a Cell Phone Lot not too far from Terminal 5. From there a drop off or pick up can be easily realised at any curb front at all terminals. The airport recommends to do those at the Multi-Modal Facility in the northern part of the airport, especially in high traffic situations, and then using the ATS.

Parking OptionsTimeRate
Main Garage Hourly (Level 1) and Terminal 5 Lot D0 - 1 hours$3
1 - 2 Hours$6
2 - 3 Hours$10
3 - 4 Hours
4 - 8 Hours
8 - 24 Hours $77
Main Garage Daily (Level 2-6) and Lot B + C0 - 1 hours
1 - 2 Hours
2 - 3 Hours
3 - 4 Hours$14
4 - 8 Hours
8 - 24 Hours$42
Economy Lot F0 - 1 hours
1 - 2 Hours
2 - 3 Hours
3 - 4 Hours
4 - 24 Hours
Economy Lot G + H0 - 1 Hours
1 - 24 Hours

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can I park my car at O’Hare Airport?

There are mainly 3 options: Parking directly at Terminal 1, 2 or 3 via the Main Garage, Lot B and Lot C or Lot D, if passengers want to access Terminal 5. When choosing an Economy Lot, which is a little bit further away from terminals, people can use the Airport Transit System. For travelers on a budget, there is also off-site options provided by Parkobility.

What is the cheapest parking lot at O’Hare?

If you want to park at O’Hare Airport, then Economy Lot G or H is the cheapest option for long term parking. It will cost $15/Day. Parkobility offers daily parking rates from $6.95 with free shuttle services. For short term parking the hourly rates are the same at all parking lots the first 4 hours.

Where do I park at O’Hare Terminal 3?

The best option would be to park at Lots A, B or C. They are short term parking areas, which are close to the terminal. This parking will provide a walk away distance to the terminal.

Are cell phone lots free?

Yes, the Cell Phone Lot is free to park. The address is: 560 ​North ​Bessie Coleman Drive, Chicago 60666.

What is the daily rate of O’Hare?

The daily rates are between $15 to $42 or higher depending if travelers choose Economy options or park directly at terminals. Off-site parking with Parkobility is available from $6.95/Day with free shuttle service.