LAX Parking

LaGuardia Airport Parking (LGA)

LaGuardia Airport is located 10 miles from Manhattan in New York City. It is ideal for domestic flights as well as travel to Canada or the Caribbean.


LGA Parking - LaGuardia Airport

LaGuardia Airport is the third busiest airport serving New York City behind JFK and EWR airport. It is the twentieth busiest airport in the United States, serving millions of travelers each year, who use LGA parking.

The airport code is LGA. LaGuardia is situated almost 10 miles from East Manhattan, in East Elmhurst, Queens. You can reach the airport by taking the I-278 E for example. The airport adopted its current name in 1953.

LGA airport doesn’t have international flights aside from some Canadian or Caribbean flights. Still, with only domestic flights, it serves 41 destinations (with some international exception) and almost 171 flights per day.

The airport itself accommodates a great number of passengers with LGA parking facilities. However, the parking lots fill up quickly during peak travel days. To avoid overfilled lots and high parking rates, read below to find out more about parking options.

LGA Parking Rates

There are three terminals (A, C, C) with their own parking lot. There used to be a terminal D, which got partly demolished, closed and remaining gates got connected to terminal C with a new runway as well as a new councourse F, which is currently being built.

Terminal A Parking and Terminal B Parking will cost you $5 for every 30 minutes and at Terminal C $6. The 24-hour maximum for all three lots is $55-70. There is also a Prepaid Economy parking option at Terminal A for 29$ a day.

LGA Long Term Parking

On all three terminals (A, B and C) long term parking is possible. These are the rates for a 24-hour maximum:

  • Terminal A Parking: Drive-Up Rate $55, Preebook Rate $39

  • Terminal B Parking: Drive-Up Rate $60, Preebook Rate $39

  • Terminal C Parking: Drive-Up Rate $70, Preebook Rate $45

Parking at the Prepaid Economy lot is $29 per day and must be booked 24 hours in advance. This lot is located at Terminal A. Passengers, who need to go to Terminal B or C can take a Airport Shuttle Bus, which goes every 8-10 minutes during peak times and every 15 minutes during non-peak.

Airpark Airport Parking System, Aloft & Ibis Hotel, Bolt Parking as well as the LaGuardia Marriott offer off-site options which also come with shuttle services.

Parkobility offers LGA long term parking rates from $7.50 per day. Some of the parking partners also offer free shuttle services. In case there is no shuttle included, it makes sense to take an Uber, because the daily rates of those facilities are especially low.

Parkobility Options
LGA Long Term ParkingPer day$7.50
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Airport Options
Prepaid Economy
First 24 hours
Over 24 hours, each 12 hours or fraction thereof
Terminal A Parking - Drive-Up Rate
Per day$55
Terminal B Parking - Drive-Up RatePer day$60
Terminal C Parking - Drive-Up Rate

Per day$70
Terminal A Parking - Prebook Rate
Per day$39
Terminal B Parking - Prebook RatePer day$39
Terminal C Parking - Prebook Rate
Per day$45

LGA Short Term Parking

For short stays there are two options:

  1. You can use one of the three Terminal Parking lots (A, B, C). For Terminal Parking A and B it is $5 for each 1/2 hour up to 3 hours. After that it will be $10 for each half hour or fraction thereof.

    For Terminal C it is $6 and after 3 hours $12 for each half hour (or fraction thereof).

  2. There is also a FREE Cell Phone Lot Waiting Area, which is open from 7am to midnight every day. It is off-airport and located 94th Street between 23rd Ave and Ditmars Blvd.

Parking OptionsTimeRate
Daily Parking at Terminal A and B Parking
Half Hour
Every Additional Half Hour
Each additional half hour (over three hours stay)
Daily Parking at Terminal C Parking
First Half Hour
Each additional half hour
Each additional half hour (over three hours stay)

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

What are LGA long term parking rates?

On-site LGA long term parking starts from $39 per day or $29 for Prepaid Economy. Parkobility offers LGA parking from $7.50/day.

How much does it cost to leave your car at LGA airport parking lots?

Short term parking at the airport is 10$ per hour. It can cost up to $55-70 per day and for longer stays. Unfortunately, in high travel seasons the economy lots fill up quickly. Parkobility offers the possibility to reserve tickets long before from $7.50 per day.

What are the different options for LGA parking?

There is short and long term parking directly at all three terminals (A, B, C) from $5 for each 1/2 hour or from $39 per 24 hours, when prebooked. Drive-Up rates for daily parking will be more. Prepaid Economy parking is available from $29 per day and Parkobility offers from $7.5.

Is there a free shuttle for LGA long term parking?

At the airport there are shuttle buses connecting terminals A, B and C to each other going every 8-10 minutes in peak times, every 15 minutes if it’s off-peak. Parkobility also offers LGA long term parking options with free shuttle service.

Where can I park long term at LGA Airport?

On all three Terminal Parking lots (A, B, C) you can park long term with daily rates from $39 up to $70. The Prepaid Economy options has a daily rate of $29, but is located at Terminal A. Airport shuttle buses can bring you to other terminals. More economical options are available at Parkobility from $7.50.

How much will LGA parking cost?

On-site parking rates (Daily Parking) start at $5 for half an hour. For off-site parking (long term) there is a wide variety of rates which start from $7.50 per day. Check out and compare all LGA parking rates at Parkobility.

How early should you arrive at LGA for parking?

It’s advised to arrive 2 hours before domestic flights and 3 hours before international flights to have enough time for airport security. Checking out the distance between the terminal and your parking lot can also help to estimate the time before arrival. So if your parking lot is not directly at your terminal, consider arriving earlier or pick a lot closer to the airport entrance to arrive on time. 

Do you have to prebook to park at LGA?

Travelers don’t need to prebook lots to park at LGA. However, reserved parking lots are more affordable. For example, a drive-up parking lot at Terminal A costs $55 for 24 hours, prebooking the same lot at least 24 hours in advance is $39.

Where is the cheapest place to park at LGA?

At the Prepaid Economy Lot parking at LGA is available from $29 per day. Off-site parking via Parkobility starts from $7.50 and also comes with free shuttle service in most cases.

Is there free parking at LGA?

LGA has a Cell Phone Waiting Lot, where parking is free for drivers that are waiting to pick someone up. This lot is located at 94th street, 0.5 miles away from the airport.