Montreal Airport Parking

YUL Parking at Montreal Airport

Montreal Trudeau Airport is also known as YUL airport. It is an international airport in Dorval, Quebec, Canada.


Montreal Airport Parking

Montreal is one of the largest cultural hubs of Canada. The city is full of world renowned universities and international festivals. It is the 4th largest French speaking city.

Montreal airport is located 20 kilometers from downtown Montreal. YUL Airport is an international airport with its terminals being located entirely in the suburb of Dorval, while one runway is located in the Montreal borough of Saint-Laurent.

Trudeau is the busiest airport in the province of Quebec and the third-busiest airport in Canada by both passenger traffic and aircraft movements.

When it comes to Montreal airport parking, there are six main options:

  1. Multi-Level Parking
  2. HotelParc
  3. EconoParc P5
  4. EconoParc P6-P7-P8-P9
  5. ValetParc
  6. Parkobility

The Short-Term option is temporarily closed until further notice.

Montreal Airport Parking Rates

Montreal airport parking rates start from $8 per 20 minutes for short term parking at Multi-Level Parking. It will be 10$ for each 20 minutes at HotelParc. 

Montreal airport long term parking rates range between $30 up to $50 per day. The cheapest option for $30 is available at EconoParc P5. All EconoParc options include a shuttle service. 

Parkobility parking partner offer Montreal airport parking from $13.95 and also include shuttle services in most cases. 

Montreal Airport Long Term Parking

If you are planning to park for a long trip or you want to park overnight, there are three options for Montreal airport long term parking, that are close to terminals and two economy options. 

Multi-Level Parking is a 2-5 minute walk from the terminal, it includes a three-story parking deck facing the terminal. Parking there will cost $36 per day.

HotelParc is an indoor parking lot located below the US check-in area with a walkway to the terminal. The daily rate is $45
The ValetParc option is available for $50 per day and offers the most convenience. 

More economic options are available at EconoPark. There are five different Parking lots. EconoPark P5 has a daily rate of $36, while EconoPark P6-P7-P8-P9 are available for $30. All EconoPark lots have shuttle service included 24 hours. The drive between lots and terminals takes 14 minutes for P5 and 16 minutes for the other options P6-P9. 

Parkobility provides parking near Montreal airport. Daily rates start from $13.95 and include also shuttle services. Travelers should make sure to read all instructions to get infos like lot accessibility or opening hours. 

Parkobility OptionsTimeRate
Montreal airport long term parking with shuttlePer day$13.95
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Airport OptionsTimeRate
Multi-Level ParkingPer day$36
HotelParcPer day$45
EconoParc P5Per day$36
EconoParc P6-P7-P8-P9Per day$30
ValetParcPer day$50

Montreal Airport Short Term Parking

There are two parking options for short term parking, while the Short-Term lot is temporarily closed.

  1. Multi-Level Parking: $8 per 20 minutes

    – three-storey, top level uncovered
    – 5-6 minutes walking distance to terminals
    – secured and adapted services

  2. HotelParc: $10 per 20 minutes

    – interior 
    – directly at terminals
    – secured and adapted services
    – charging stations and heated/air condition
There is also a lot called CellParc for people who are waiting to pick someone up. This option is for free and drivers must remain in their vehicles. 

Parking OptionsTimeRate
Multi-Level Parking
20 Min
24 Hours
20 Min
24 Hours

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does it cost to park at Montreal airport?

Montreal airport provides different on-site and off-site parking options which start from $8 for 20 minutes and $30 per day. Parking near Montreal airport is available via Parkobility starting from $13.95 with shuttle. 

How much is a cab from Montreal airport to downtown?

Check the airport’s official site for general rates. Taxi rates to downtown are fixed at $40, and meter to other destinations with a minimum charge of $17. You can take a taxi near the central exit on the Arrival level.

Can Montreal airport parking be reserved?

Yes, it can be done via the airport’s official website. However, there is a minimal duration of at least 4 hours. Via Parkobility reservations are also possible and especially economical.

Is there a shuttle from Montreal airport to downtown?

The bus line 747 runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week between the Montreal airport and downtown Montreal. Traveling time may vary between 45 to 70 minutes, depending upon the traffic conditions.

What are long term parking rates for Montreal Airport?

Montreal airport long term rates start from $30 per day at EconoParc, $36 per day at Multi-Level Parking and $45 per day at HotelParc. Options provided via Parkobility start from $13.95 and also include free shuttle services bringing travelers directly to terminals.