10 Airport Travel Hacks You Should Know

Traveling is fun and exciting but getting through the airport can be a hectic experience. So just showing up and hoping for the best won’t be enough. You need to be prepared, nimble and smart for your travel. To help you, we listed the 10 best airport travel hacks, which will help you make your next trip worry-free.

1. Fly out of a smaller Airport

  • If you take a few minutes to search for flights from smaller airports, on the same airline, or different airlines, you will definitely find lower prices. Say you live in New York City and want to visit your friend who lives in New Orleans. You can fly out of Newark airport which is 1 hour away from NYC. Instead of paying $400+ dollars on just airfare alone, if you search around different departure points (airports), you could save up to 50% off regular fares.

  • If there is a major hub near where you live that has cheaper flights compared with bigger cities like Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, etc., then it makes sense to go to the smaller airport because the traffic will be significantly less. Usually, when checking airfare, big hubs are cheaper because they have more supply and demand. However, when you are booking flights in advance or with a budget airline, you will not see a huge price difference with the smaller airport nearby.

  • You may be surprised to find out that you could save a lot of money on your next airfare by using smaller airports. Another example, fly from Fort Lauderdale airport instead of Miami which is only 30 minutes away or Nashville where the flight times and prices are more competitive with bigger cities like New York City and Los Angeles.

2. Choose a less common day to fly and Book

  • Plan your vacation with less stress by considering the best time to buy airline tickets. The prices can vary based on days of the week or even hours, so it’s a good idea to plan ahead and book at least 1-1/2 months before flight departure.

  • On average, Tuesday afternoon is when ticketing starts leveling off – meaning that Thursday morning will be significantly more expensive than Tuesday evening! It’s also wise not to wait until Friday night or Saturday – because if you’re booking a weekend flight for Sunday instead of Wednesday there are higher chances that flights might be full as people leave town early in the day rather than staying later into the weekends.

3. Book a seat according to your convenience

  • Choosing the right seat is an important decision. The front of the plane will get you on and off quickly, but also means that it’s going to be colder than seats in other parts of the cabin.

  • Seats by wings are a good choice if turbulence bothers you as they’re less likely to experience sudden changes in altitude – this can make for a more comfortable flight overall!

  • If your travel plans include lots of moving around, opt for one with easy access so attendants don’t have far to go when delivering drinks or snacks.

  • Once you have an idea of which seat is best for your flying needs, be sure to book it.

4. Off-site airport parking is cheaper than on-site Parking

  • Tired of the hustle and bustle? Try to drive your own car to the airport. It may be a little difficult but you will save money and time during rush hour traffic by not having someone else drop you off at different terminals when it’s more convenient for them than for YOU!

  • Book your parking reservation with your flight ticket so that there are no surprises once you get there. You can also choose different off-site parking options near terminal entrances which is cheaper and often times provides complimentary shuttle services as well!

  • At the airport, parking can be expensive and often time-consuming. But for those who want to save money on a trip, there are unofficially designated lots that allow drivers to park their cars at rates lower than what is offered by the actual airport. Not all airports provide this service, but you can always reserve parking through an online parking reservations company which would be cheaper, before leaving from home! Click here to see the off-site parking lots for airports across the United States.

5. Find Nearby Parking

  • If you are traveling for any period of time longer than 3 days, paying the daily airport parking rates will most likely have an effect on your finances.

  • These charges often run up into tens or hundreds of dollars each day depending on where you stay in relation to the terminal building; even more so when dealing with international travel destinations like LaGuardia Airport which offers hourly pricing starting at about $10.

  • If you are looking to save money on parking at the airport, one of your best bets is a cheaper alternative. The first thing that you should check for is if there are any nearby lots near the airport that offer shuttle service. Check “Parkobility” whose rates start as low as $3.99 per day and could be much more affordable than long-term daily or hourly fees in an offsite lot!

6. Avoid heavy items in your carryon

  • While most of the time flight crews won’t weigh your personal bag as long as its under 10 kg (~22 lbs), they will still measure all bags because their regulations are strict when going over these allowances which could incur extra fees or fines for overweight baggage.

  • So be smart: pack lighter than usual but fill up any empty space by throwing other bulky items like jackets and books into this freebie area where no additional charges apply—just remember not to exceed the maximum.

7. Avoid expensive purchases at the airport/plan

  • When you are flying and need a drink, don’t waste your money on expensive water bottles at the airport. Instead carry an empty reusable water bottle with you and after passing through security gates for drinks, fill up from one of many available purifiers located in terminal areas.

  • Pack some snacks to keep yourself energized throughout those long hours even if it’s only overnight; this will help avoid any discomfort while waiting around during layovers or connecting flights!

  • Finally be sure not to forget toothpaste/brush (and mouthwash!), as these can come in handy when sharing bathrooms without personal sinks – especially since they’re usually shared among strangers who may have had different hygiene habits than yours beforehand! Just don’t forget gum while we’re on it.

  • Download audiobooks, podcasts and movies for a more enjoyable trip. You can save money on Wi-Fi because you don’t need to purchase it at the airport anymore!

8. Baggage Tips

  • One way to avoid losing sight of one’s suitcase amid all others waiting at the airport conveyer belt is through strategic matching-of-colors: specifically dark hues such as black should not be chosen since they blend too easily into crowds awaiting their respective bags’ appearance on said rack; instead, try brighter shades like bright reds or yellows which can help.

  • If you’re looking for a way to carry your handbag or other personal items with ease, consider using J-hooks. It will make it easier to handle everything when traveling without having one item slip off and fall on the ground. Plus, it’ll keep others from easily seeing what’s inside of your bag as well!

  • To avoid any potential accidents while carrying around luggage covered in tags that reveal information about its owner, try replacing these tags with ones labeled “owner name.” This simple change can help prevent theft by someone who may be able to read important details like where they are staying locally during their trip.

9. ALWAYS dress in layers

  • The cold confines of an airport and the confined space on a plane can make for uncomfortable traveling – but what if you could take your layers with you? Pack clothes in zip-up sweaters, jackets or cardigans at least one size bigger than usual. This way they’re easy to remove when going through security and then easily put back on once seated onboard.

  • Don’t pack your bulkiest and heaviest clothes at the airport. Instead, wear them on board during the flight before changing into lighter garments inside security. This will allow you more room in your carry-on bag as well as easier check-in if it is deemed overweight by weight measurement; saving time for all passengers involved!

  • Airlines are becoming stricter on carry-on baggage limits. If you’re not in compliance, there’s a lot more rummaging around to cut the weight of your bag for check-in and all those eyes watching can be quite embarrassing!

10. Airline credit cards

  • Rather than asking for a raise at work, you can get free vacations by signing up for travel credit cards.

  • Many reward programs offer flight points that accumulate over time and let travelers fly anywhere in the world when they reach their limit.

  • There are even some airlines that include insurance with all flights purchased through them so be sure to take advantage of this deal!