Best places to travel In 2022

The travel industry has been hit by rising oil prices, tightening travel restrictions and unfavorable exchange rates for some time now. The travel industry has also been in flux because of the rise in travel preferences, which is caused by travel restrictions. With travel still restricted, travel ideas or vacation ideas are always at the back of people’s minds.

However, as travel turns green again, 2022 will be a chance for people to reconnect with their best holiday destinations in a deeper way. The sparks of adventure and curiosity will be fanned into roaring flames as travel starts to become an integral part of people’s lives. They will appreciate every travel moment, from hidden street-food shacks to quiet beaches gilded by the low sun and slow majestic journeys on trains.

There are so many fun places to go, much to explore on this planet, and we’ve managed to narrow it down for you. Consider these places to go in 2022 – no particular order. Let’s take a closer look at some fun places to go in 2022!


1. Oslo, Norway

In 2022, when the best travel destinations in the world are explored by more and more people, Oslo will be a place to add to your list. In fact, it’s already on there for some travelers. It boasts a beautiful harbor surrounded by islands, with buildings that go from traditional wooden homes to ultra-modern architecture. For an unforgettable experience, take a trip to the ‘floating opera’ or watch the changing of the guard at the Royal Palace. 

It is a dream vacation destination for many people. Oslo is the capital of Norway and it’s one of the biggest capitals in Europe. It has around half a million inhabitants but it still retains the charm that small cities have. This is probably because of its location on several islands, surrounded by beautiful fjords which are perfect for sailing. Oslo is not far from some spectacular mountains, glaciers, and national parks. There are numerous places to visit experience the culture of Norway like the Norwegian Folk Museum, the Holmenkollen Ski Jump, or even a museum dedicated to Vikings and their history. You can take your pick by visiting one of the many parks and gardens in the city including Vigeland Sculpture Park, Ekebergparken Sculpture Park, and Botanical Garden. More info:

2. Scotland

Scotland is best known for its picturesque lochs and mountains, but for a completely different side of the country, head to one of its islands in 2022. Orkney and Shetland both have unique cultural identities and fascinating histories – which you can explore at numerous historical sites or by going on a bird-watching tour. Orkney is also home to Skara Brae, the best-preserved prehistoric village in northern Europe. For a history fan, this place should be on the bucket list of travel destinations.

The area has recently seen an increase of visitors aiming to visit the northernmost islands in Scotland, but there are still many places where you can enjoy this majestic travel destination without having to join a tour. The Shetland Islands – which includes popular destinations such as Fair Isle and Unst – is full of breath-taking sights that aren’t on the standard Bucket List of travel destinations.

The Bucket List of travel destinations for Scotland includes Skye, Arran, and Mull – all three are dotted with castles and ancient ruins, while Mull has its own impressive botanical gardens. There’s even an island designated for astronomy so you can watch the stars in serenity. To enjoy this in solitude, visit between May and September. More info:

3. Venice

Venice is one of Italy’s best-known cities, and for good reason – its iconic waterways are lined with palazzos that once belonged to the city’s wealthiest residents. Sandy beaches can be found on some of its surrounding islands. While it might get crowded in peak season, you could always escape the throngs of tourists by taking a trip along the Venetian Lagoon or hiring a boat to take you to one of its nearby islands.

If you travel to Venice, you should definitely visit the Basilica di San Marco for its Byzantine mosaics. Just a few blocks away is Rialto Bridge, one of the city’s three bridges (there used to be many more). The Campanile bell tower and Doge’s Palace can also be found nearby.

The Carnival of Venice is one of the best carnivals in the world, attracting tourists from around the globe. It lasts for approximately two weeks before Lent, ending on Shrove Tuesday. The most famous Italian dishes are food products that come straight out of Venice like cheese like mozzarella and Rialto fish.

Venice has many good places to travel. You can travel by boat around the city or travel on foot through narrow streets and bridges. Venice is full of unique things like carnivals, stunning architecture, and ancient history. It’s also fairly cheap to travel there, making it even better for tourists on a budget.

Venice is the best place for travel in 2022 because it’s so full of amazing things, including ancient history and great cuisine. The food there will satisfy your needs for both taste and price. More info:

4. Cambodia

If you want to make your mark on Cambodia’s rapidly changing capital city, Phnom Penh is waiting for you with open arms. In addition to some of the best dining and nightlife in the country, it’s more than earned its spot on the best places to travel list thanks to a staggering number of heritage sites that stand as testaments to the city’s rich history. From temples that date back over 1,000 years to French colonial buildings from the 19th century, Phnom Penh is a veritable treasure trove of ancient architecture ready to be explored.

If you’re looking for a travel destination that’s off the beaten path, Phnom Penh has got you covered. Whether it’s an educational tour of one of the city’s museums or a quiet day out with your travel buddies, there are plenty of ways to make your travel experience in Cambodia as unique as possible. With places to visit like the National Museum, the Royal Palace, and Wat Ounalom to explore, travel to Cambodia promises a travel experience you won’t forget in a hurry. This definitely is one of the places to go next year! More info:

5. Georgia

Georgia is definitely one of the beautiful places to visit. In case you didn’t get enough of the sun, sand, and sea on your last trip to Georgia’s Black Sea region, not far from Sochi is a pristine stretch of coastline best known for its secluded beaches and lush forests. The surrounding countryside has been attracting vacationers in ever greater numbers thanks to a roster of eco-friendly activities that range from hiking and mountain biking to horseback riding and wine tasting tours, all set against a backdrop of ruggedly pretty terrain just begging to be explored.

For those who prefer their beaches backed by something other than a view of the Caucasus Mountains, there are further options to consider. One of these is Kobuleti, just 90 km from Tbilisi and fronted by a swath of golden dunes that create one of Georgia’s prettiest seaside settings. Like Batumi, it’s a popular summertime destination for visitors who come to enjoy here some of the finest beaches in the country. Also, it makes perfect family travel destinations.

Another seaside option is Poti, a sizable Black Seaport with a rather more rugged appearance than some of its rivals that’s helped to make it a favorite stopover for sailors from other countries. In their own way, the ship docks and cranes that jostle for position down by the harbor add a touch of color to an already romanticized view of this southernmost point in Georgia.

For those who enjoy the great outdoors, there are many beautiful places to enjoy. There is Kartli Nature Reserve at the foot of Kazbegi Mountain, with a number of tracks and trails leading through a pristine forest. The starting point is at the village of Stepantsminda, from where it takes half a day to hike up to Gergeti Trinity Church, a fine example of medieval Georgian architecture perched on a natural rocky outcrop with a view over the vast surrounding nature reserve. A number of other trails also lead off from here into the mountains. There is a center where you can buy food and water, rent out equipment, and get any information you need. More info:

6. The West Caribbean

Thanks to cheap airfares and vacation-friendly weather conditions throughout the year, Caribbean islands have long held pole positions in many vacationers’ travel wish lists. While most opt for sun-kissed spots like Barbados or Antigua, others are venturing further west toward the scenic shores of The West Caribbean. 

The west Caribbean is a more than perfect place to enjoy the best Caribbean islands with your family or loved ones because it’s just not overcrowded. The West Indian culture that Jamaicans bring also makes any vacation worth remembering. The best part about the best Caribbean islands like Jamaica is that they are reasonably priced and great value for your money. The best West Indies travel destinations offer excellent beaches, wonderful foods and exquisite experiences you’d never forget in your lifetime. More info:

7. New Orleans 

Is a place of legend and lore, from its haunted graveyards to its jazz funeral processions. But the city is not merely a celebration of all things old. The beautiful city of New Orleans is filled with beautiful places, from beautiful cemeteries to beautiful homes.

Some vacationers fly to New Orleans airport during Mardi Gras or Jazz Fest. Others just can’t wait that long. For those vacationers, they might find themselves visiting in January – when temperatures are more bearable – for a family-friendly outing catching holiday lights and festive parades, along with the occasional snowball fight.

It has beautiful architecture, beautiful places, and beautiful food. “Iconic” might be a word thrown around too much these days, but it’s a fitting descriptor for a certain cafe in the historic French Quarter that keeps its doors open all hours of the night and day – Cafe du Monde.

Among those beautiful sites are beautiful museums that capture the history of the place and provide a one-of-a-kind experience for anyone passing through aquariums, botanical gardens, and zoos. More info:


With travel still restricted, travel ideas or vacation ideas are always at the back of people’s minds. However as travel turns green again and restrictions ease up, we see that 2022 is shaping up to be a great year for travelingThus you might want to brush up on your travel hacks skills, to count for the time we had lost. Are you planning your trip for 2022?